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What to know about a LOI (Letter of Intent)?

What to know about a LOI (Letter of Intent)?
In this article I want to provide more information about the Letter of Intent, very often also described as a LOI. On the one hand I write this article to give business owners a first view on what a Letter of Intent is about. On the other hand, I also write this article for our colleagues in M&A to exchange opinions and increase the knowledge …

Enterprise value versus equity value?

CFIE supports the business owner and wants to provide relevant M&A information for free where possible. CFIE also wants to contribute to a prosperous and efficient European economy. Hence, we want to explain relatively complex content in a simple way to prevent misunderstandings. In this article, we will give our thoughts on the difference between enterprise value and equity value. Also, …

What to do when approached by an interested buyer?

I regularly hear from business owners that they have been approached by or are speaking to an interested buyer. Sometimes they want to discuss this and are interested in advice or my opinion. In this article, I will give some thoughts about what can be useful for a business owner to consider in such a situation. The objective of this article is to prepare business owners for a business …

M&A deal breakers in transactions (business sales)?

What is a Deal Breaker?
Quite regularly we hear about successful transactions. Less frequently we hear about deals that have not closed. Even the M&A transactions that come to a successful end might have had some difficult moments. Also in these transactions possible issues for a deal to not happen can have occurred. This article focuses on deal breakers and to a lesser extend on …

M&A during COVID-19

M&A during COVID-19

At the beginning of the year, I wrote about Covid-19 and the expected outcome for the M&A market. With this article, I want to give my opinion on what is happening with the market of business sales and acquisitions during this crisis. Further, I also want to see how M&A advisors can position themselves and how our activity could change. What can we …

What type of M&A mandate to sign?

In this article we want to give information on what type of M&A contracts (‘mandates’) we see in the market. We want to get a discussion going with M&A advisors to hear their opinion and feedback on this subject. In the end this should help business owners to understand what the different contract options are when they want to sell their company. It should also give business owners …

Share Purchase Agreement: how important is the role of a lawyer?

In this article I will give you some practical experience about the Share Purchase Agreement (SPA) and more importantly the role of the lawyers in getting this document signed. Lawyers play a crucial role in drafting the share purchase agreement. Especially since this is normally the latest stage of a transaction and both sides hope and expect to finish this hurdle in a positive way.I am …

Why do buyers make acquisitions?

In this article I want to give you some insights in the reasoning why buyers make acquisitions. Acquisitions can have an offensive, mainly growth related, nature or on the contrary have a defensive nature. Defensive moves can be especially of importance with larger acquisitions in markets with only a limited number of players. Sometimes a buyer must just prevent that a competitor …

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