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Valuation example of healthcare software company GLINTT

GLINTT is a stock-listed healthcare software company located in Portugal. This article is not meant to advise buying or selling shares in the company GLINTT. In general, the objective of this article is to explain how software healthcare companies can be valued. The author of this article does own stock in GLINTT and is planning to retain these shares for a long time to come. Each reader …

How to value chemical distribution companies?

Chemical distribution companies are responsible for storing, transporting, and delivering chemicals from manufacturers to end users. In this article, we will assess their valuation while offering insights into topics like:

Developments in the chemical distribution industry
Value and price expectations of business owners in the chemical distribution industry
What determines the …

How to value a contract research organization (CRO) business?

Contract research organizations (CROs) provide research and development services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries. In this article, we will assess the valuation of CRO businesses while providing insight into topics such as:

Developments in the contract research organization industry
Value and price expectations of business owners in the contract …

Unveiling the worth: How to determine the value of a logistics business?

Determining the value of a logistics business is a crucial step for business owners and investors alike. It provides insights into the financial health and potential growth of the company, allowing for informed decision-making. Several factors come into play when evaluating the value of a logistics business, including financial performance, assets, market conditions, and industry trends. By …

Company valuation calculators

Which is the best company valuation calculator?
As a business owner, you will naturally be interested in knowing the value of your company. Different people or advisers will give you a different opinion. This article will try to give you an idea about company valuation calculators.

Information about company valuation calculators:

How to value a company
Valuation …

What to know about a LOI (Letter of Intent)?

What to know about a LOI (Letter of Intent)?
In this article I want to provide more information about the Letter of Intent, very often also described as a LOI. On the one hand I write this article to give business owners a first view on what a Letter of Intent is about. On the other hand, I also write this article for our colleagues in M&A to exchange opinions and increase the knowledge …

Enterprise value versus equity value?

CFIE supports the business owner and wants to provide relevant M&A information for free where possible. CFIE also wants to contribute to a prosperous and efficient European economy. Hence, we want to explain relatively complex content in a simple way to prevent misunderstandings. In this article, we will give our thoughts on the difference between enterprise value and equity value. Also, …

What to do when approached by an interested buyer?

I regularly hear from business owners that they have been approached by or are speaking to an interested buyer. Sometimes they want to discuss this and are interested in advice or my opinion. In this article, I will give some thoughts about what can be useful for a business owner to consider in such a situation. The objective of this article is to prepare business owners for a business …

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