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Buy and build strategy Europe

Buy and build in Europe

Corporate Finance in Europe helps European and international companies to grow via a buy and build strategy. In practice, this means that it helps leading businesses in their international expansion plans to build a multinational company and grow much quicker than it could do organically. CFIE also assists European private equity houses with buy and build strategies for their portfolio companies.

The advantage of working with CFIE on buy and build strategies is the European scope of its team members, who possess superior language skills and knowledge of local business habits. CFIE works with industry specialists in industries like IT, chemical, transportation/forwarding and many others. One or two team members can cover the majority of European countries. This gives you the opportunity to work with people who understand your business model and are able to explain this to prospects in their own language.

Buy a company

Do you need to know more about the process of buying a business for executing a buy and build strategy? Knowledge of buying a business is essential, visit buy a business if you are interested in further detailed information about the steps in buying a business for an overview of all the important aspects involved in a purchase. Also, visit the page about the process of buying.

The advantages for your company of a buy and build strategy will be numerous. It will enable you to serve your customers internationally, realize various synergies and cost savings, and gain access to new technologies. The CFIE M&A adviser can help you with planning your strategy. Visit international M&A advisers to see if your consultant is available.

Buy and build in your industry

CFIE knows many target companies in your industry and has a large network of local M&A advisers to find further suitable sellers. CFIE has access to a large number of subscribed databases in various European countries which enables CFIE to find details of target companies very accurately. CFIE’s team is, although based all around Europe, fairly small and flexible so that lines of communication are kept short and M&A processes move forward quickly.

We have special teams for ICT, transportation, and chemicals to deliver a superior service. If your activity is in one of these industries we suggest visiting:

Buy and build to enter the European market

Examples of our projects are search assignments for large US multinationals aiming to enter the European markets. We have helped these companies to gain a foothold in the European market. We have also helped European and UK firms to expand across Europe. Mostly, CFIE comes in when a company is located in just one European country and wants to expand to other countries via a buy and build strategy. We help our customers during the entire process from searching for and visiting suitable candidates to getting contracts signed until the final post-acquisition integration and further expansion.

European Corporate Finance

We provide our services in all European countries. The following countries have our special attention: the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, and Turkey. Corporate Finance in Europe (CFIE) is highly qualified to help you out with M&A advice, consultancy, valuations, taxes and legal matters.

Contact us if you want to discuss your buy and build strategy or if you want to find out more about our references and background. For detailed information about the costs, we suggest visiting the costs of buying a business.

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