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M&A market research and business development in Europe

      M&A market research in Europe

      CFIE is your excellent partner in M&A market research and business development. We focus on industries in which our people have extensive work experience. Given the European network of our members, we are able to cover an extensive number of European countries.

      M&A market research and business development services:

      • Quick M&A market scans
      • Specific and in-depth knowledge of your industry
      • Geographical research
      • Writing your business plan

      Quick M&A market scan

      We make a concise, but precise analysis of a specific market segment. The main questions we can answer:

      • How many companies are active in the market and what are their key numbers?
      • Who are the main players and what is their background?
      • What are current and future trends (how will the market develop?)

      Specific and in-depth knowledge of your industry

      We conduct a detailed analysis of your market. The main questions we can answer:

      • Which companies are for sale now (buy a company)?
      • Which companies are in financial trouble or are performing poorly?
      • Which companies can provide strategic value (synergies) to your company?
      • Which conclusions can we draw regarding your opportunities for success to buy/sell a company?

      Geographical research

      Our international team can easily compare differences and opportunities in various countries. This can help you in the formation of your decision regarding which market to enter.

      Writing your business plan

      We can help you to write or fine-tune your business plan. As down-to-earth consultants, we provide advice on the strategic management that best suits your company.

      European Corporate Finance in Europe

      We provide our services in all European countries. Due to our team’s native skills, the following countries have our special attention: the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, and Switzerland. Corporate Finance in Europe (CFIE) is highly qualified to help with M&A advice, consultancy, valuation, taxes, and legal matters. See more details on M&A advisers

      M&A market research is often the first step in buying a business, see buy a business for more information. Feel free to contact us if you want more information about market research or M&A business development. We also can be contacted for more information about our references or background.

      For buying a business, CFIE has a special focus on ICT, transportation, and chemicals. We know the process of purchasing a company inside out. We help you with the strategic rationale concerning the acquisition. We have the knowledge and consultants for important aspects like due diligence, business valuations, legal, taxes, and many others.













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