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M&A in the Netherlands

CFIE can help you with mergers and acquisitions in the Netherlands. Our advisers have the experience and knowledge to make a success of your M&A project. We know our markets and industries very well, thanks to many years of activity.

We have good insight into the available M&A projects in the Netherlands. We can give you essential M&A support services for the Dutch market. This can be both buy-side as well as sell-side assistance.

M&A advisers

If you need an M&A adviser in the Netherlands, CFIE is ready to help you. We are a network of independent M&A consultants. We have various merger and acquisition advisers that are active in the Dutch market. Here you can find a few of our local M&A advisers working in the Netherlands. For an overview of all the European CFIE advisers, visit international M&A advisers to select your preferred M&A consultant.

Information about mergers and acquisitions

If you have any questions about the Dutch merger and acquisition situation, we invite you to get in touch with us. We connect you to the most suitable M&A adviser for your business. You can reach our CFIE M&A team in the Netherlands by filling out the contact form below.

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