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European M&A network

The European M&A network of Corporate Finance in Europe helps in buying or selling a business in Europe. With the ongoing integration of the European Union, cross border M&A provides new opportunities. In this section, useful information concerning the acquisition or sale of an European company can be found.

M&A advisers

A hurdle for doing business in Europe can be the different languages. Our core competence is the combination of industry expertise with country knowledge. Within our M&A network there is always an M&A consultant available who speaks your native language.

Corporate Finance in Europe works with M&A experts that have experience in their own country and also have extensive work experience abroad. We are working with M&A country specialists that understand the local culture of a specific country to the last detail. Our M&A country specialists have direct contacts at board level of large buyers in various countries. Hence, we can determine quickly which multinationals would be suitable buyers for your company. Do not hesitate to contact us for free feedback on your M&A plans.

Buy or sell a business in Europe

These pages represent useful information about buying or selling  a business in Europe. The sections of a specific country include information about the local mergers and acquisitions landscape. You can also find M&A advisers with the necessary skills and track record to get the deal done. We have included some recent M&A deals in the market to show that cross border M&A is not restricted to large multinationals. Visit one of the following sections to find out what we can do for you.

Information about mergers and acquisitions

Want to get more information on the concept of cross border M&A? Feel free to contact us to discuss your merger and acquisition plans.

If you are a country expert with a lot of good contacts with business owners or corporate buyers and you have experience with M&A please get in touch to learn more about how we can cooperate and how our commission model works.

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