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Which is the best company valuation calculator?

As a business owner, you will naturally be interested in knowing the value of your company. Different people or advisers will give you a different opinion. This article will try to give you an idea about company valuation calculators.

Information about company valuation calculators:

  • Introduction
  • How to value a company
  • Valuation calculators on the market
  • Our industry valuation calculators
  • How to use our valuation calculators
  • CFIE industry valuation calculators
  • Disclaimer
  • The best valuation calculator


If you are looking for a way to value your business, we have a simple solution: CFIE’s online industry valuation calculator. Our industry valuation calculator is an online tool that will help you to get a first high-level value indication for your business with a few clicks. Just enter the details of your business and we’ll give you an instant valuation estimate. You can get links further in the article. Also, there are other company valuation tools that we will describe.

How to value a company

When a business is valued, it is usually done by one of three methods: discounted cash flow (DCF), industry, EBITDA, multiples, or book value. These three methods can be used together or individually to determine a company’s value.

When valuing a company, it’s important to keep in mind that the market value of any given company is determined by multiple factors: its revenue and profit margins; its current assets (such as cash) and liabilities (like debt); its forecasts for future growth; and so on. Because of this, there are multiple ways to come up with an approximate value for each business depending on which method best suits your needs at the time. Some methods are more accurate than others and some are better suited for different situations. However, all valuation methods share one thing in common: they require an understanding of the company as a whole and its long-term prospects.

Valuation calculators on the market

Pitchbook ( is a well know solution offering company valuations for companies that have been acquired or financially injected in the past based on reported figures or estimates

NIMBO’s online company valuation ( calculator for SMEs has a comprehensive free version of their valuation tool based on hundreds of real purchase offers. The calculator is updated each month based on the data they receive from SMEs.

Smergers online valuation tool performs comparable method valuations based on data from several markets to get to an estimate.

There are also individual valuators that use their own valuation tools. They mostly do the valuation themselves and you must pay for the services. An example of a valuator is Wingman (

CFIE’s industry valuation calculator

CFIE has a team of industry M&A experts who have been working in the same field for years and have come up with a simple valuation calculator. Our goal was to create an online calculator with all the basic features and functionality required to come up with an estimated range.

Our industry valuation calculator is a web-based application that provides all the necessary information on the current and future value of companies in specific industries. Businesses owners can use this, as well as investors, analysts, and others who need to make decisions about what companies in different industries are worth.

The calculator was created by CFIE because we wanted to help our visitors understand how valuable their companies or investments are. We found that there were many calculators available online but most of them are not industry specific. The fact is that the valuation varies a lot depending on which industry the company is active in. Therefore the calculator allows users to enter information about their business and then calculate its current value range based on several industry-specific benchmarks.

How to use CFIE’s valuation calculator

Using our industry valuation calculator is simple: The user inputs relevant information such as industry sector, revenue dependence, and operating metrics (such as revenue), then enters assumptions about future growth rates. The calculator then generates a range for the valuation estimate.

CFIE industry valuation calculators

In our valuation calculator, each industry has its own set of data and multiples.

Here are the CFIE valuation calculator links for specific industries:

Valuation tool for automotive companies:

Valuation tool for chemical companies:

Valuation tool for food companies:

Valuation tool for healthcare companies:

Valuation tool for IT/ICT companies:

Valuation tool for manufacturing companies:

Valuation tool for pharma companies:

Valuation tool for plastic companies:

Valuation tool for transportation companies:


The industry valuation calculators are designed to help you get a rough idea of your business value, but are not intended to be used as a substitute for professional advice. It is not intended to be used in the context of a sale or other transaction. It is only guidance for business owners or users. In case you want a more detailed and further fine-tuned valuation for your company please contact the CFIE team.

The best valuation calculator

Which do you think is the best company valuation tool or calculator?

Which ones have you used and why did you like them?

What do you think of our CFIE valuation tools for the specific industries?

(Please share your comments so we can improve our tool further).

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