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M&A advisers for the plastic industry

CFIE can help you with M&A services for the plastic industry. Our advisers are equipped with the experience to make a success of your plastic business sale. You can use us for merger and acquisition advice in the plastic industry. We help you with guidance in buying and selling plastic companies. Please get in touch with us to get M&A advice for the plastic market. Here you can find an overview of our plastic M&A team.

Tubes made by any plastic material

Buy-side M&A in plastics

CFIE’s plastic M&A team can help you to buy a company in the plastic industry. It is critically important to have a good network and contacts with business owners in the plastic industry. Our people have an excellent understanding of buying a business in the plastic industry and how this works in practice. We can help your company find the most suitable plastic business to buy.

Should your M&A adviser know the best practices in the process of buying a business? Contact us via the form to learn more regarding the aspects of buying a business.

Sell-side mergers and acquisitions

For many business owners, a large part of their personal assets are locked in their company. The best solution for any plastic business owner is to dispose of his or her company in a professional way. The decision to sell your plastic company can be a difficult one. CFIE can provide you with an adviser that knows:

  • The plastic industry
  • The industry practices in plastics 
  • Your local language
  • How a plastic M&A deal is done
  • The value of a plastic company
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Buy or sell companies in the plastic industry

The team of Corporate Finance in Europe has many connections with global buyers for plastic businesses. We know the international plastic buyers that are looking for active M&As. If you want to sell your plastic business, please visit plastic companies wanted.

If you want to buy a plastic company, we suggest visiting companies for sale in plastics. Contact us if you want to connect with possible buyers for your company. We can make a profile of your plastic company free-of-charge and put this online in our plastic businesses for sale section. If you want to sell your plastic company,  contact us to connect with possible buyers for your plastic company.

How to sell your plastic business

Visit our section about selling a plastic company to get a better understanding of the process of a plastic business sale. If you want to get a more general understanding of the process of a business sale, please visit sell your business in Europe. In this way, you can get more information regarding all the aspects involved in a business sale. Learn more about the types of buyers, the required legal documents, and the best preparation to sell your company at the highest possible value. Some pages include further downloads. This can help you with more detailed advice about the process of selling a company.

New on-line valuation tool for plastic companies

With our new online valuation tool you can find out the indicative valuation of your plastic company after filling in basic data about your company. Try for yourself!

Information about plastic company mergers and acquisitions

If you have any questions about the plastic M&A situation, we invite you to get in touch with us. You can contact our plastic M&A team members by filling out the contact form below. Please do get in touch, and let us know how we can help you with M&A in the plastic industry.

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