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Mission statement

What is our mission?

CFIE (Corporate Finance in Europe) wants to make European M&A transactions easier. We take pride in bringing good companies together via mergers and acquisitions. We support the creation of business combinations to create stronger companies together (one plus one is three).

CFIE helps international buyers acquire European businesses. We focus on companies with a valuation of 5 to 100 million euros. We support international strategic buyers to find the most suited targets and offer them the best deal possible. Thanks to our team’s background and practical experience (active more than 15 years in the European M&A market) we can find the most suitable targets across Europe.

Most of our team members have spent a considerable number of years (5-10) working in several European countries. Our offices in several European countries give us local eyes and ears; for that reason, we understand the individual business cultures and customs.

We help US/Asian and European strategic buyers (we do not work for individuals and only for private equity if they support industrial buyers) with search assignments in all European countries. We have experience in doing various acquisitions for buyers (buy and build) in our core industries across Europe. We have access to customized search tools to find adequate targets in the individual countries. We see great potential in the cross-continental M&A market. We want to support high-quality buyers to set up local factories, decrease their global ecological footprint, bring new technologies to the European market, and consolidate industries to make them more efficient.

Our belief is that European business owners should also be able to pass on their life work at a realistic value to new acquirers. We want their knowledge, employment, and economic activity to stay in place. For this reason, we have set up our European industry marketplace which is free for European business owners. Business owners or advisors can list their profiles without any fixed cost.

In practice, we tend to work more for global buyers but where possible (read via the European industry marketplace) we try to help business owners too in the sale of their company.

The main questions we can answer:

  •  Which companies would be possible targets? (industry and target analysis)
  •  How to acquire a business in Europe?
  •  How to negotiate, guide, and close the deal?
  •  How to contact various targets in their specific European language?

We are strong in the following markets:

  • Plastics
  • Pharma
  • Automotive
  • Transportation
  • Internet, IT & software
  • Food
  • Healthcare
  • Chemical
  • Manufacturing
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