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MBO (management buy-out) in Europe

About management buy-out

The rich and versatile background of our team helps you look at an MBO (management buy-out) from a new perspective. An MBO is a form of acquisition in which a company’s current managers acquire a large part or all of the company. We help you to arrange financing, advise on the business plan, draft the contract, and look at legal and tax issues.

The main questions we can answer:

  • Is it best to purchase shares or should we buy specific assets/activities?
  • What is your advice regarding a company’s value and what is the best negotiation strategy?
  • Which alternatives exist to arrange financing?
  • Which legal and tax aspects should be considered?

The MBO process

Below, we describe the overall process we go through when performing an MBO. If you require more detailed information or have specific questions, let us know by email. The process (in 4 separate phases):

  • Phase 1: Preparation
  • Phase 2: Negotiations
  • Phase 3: The transaction
  • Phase 4: Integration

Phase 1: preparation of the management buy-out
“consider everything well up-front!”

  • Insight into your background and objectives
  • Identification of your vision and strategy
  • CFIE’s feedback on the company’s potential and suitability
  • Determining the requirements for financing

Phase 2: negotiations
“buy the company at an attractive price”

  • Valuing a target (based on various methods)
  • Negotiating the takeover bid and other conditions
  • Discussing the current management’s future and other important conditions

Phase 3: the transaction:
“almost there!”

  • Giving an internal okay for a definite purchase decision
  • Signing an LOI (letter of intent)
  • Investigating the books (due diligence)
  • Arranging funds
  • Signing the SPA (share purchase agreement)

Phase 4: integration
“a new start”

  • Building a relationship with the new employees
  • Having the current management help you with the transfer and integration (using their expertise)
  • Informing customers (expanding customer relations)
  • Integrating the new organization (streamlining processes and cost savings)

European Corporate Finance

We provide our services in all European countries. Due to our team’s native skills, the following countries have our special attention: the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, and Switzerland. Corporate Finance in Europe (CFIE) is highly qualified to help with M&A advice, consultancy, valuation, taxes and legal matters. See more details on M&A advisers.

Feel free to contact us for more information about our management buy-out services. If you have serious plans for an MBO, get more information about our references or background.

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