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Fashion ecommerce company Italy for sale

Company for sale

  • Size: small-sized
  • Revenue: EUR 1-5M
  • Investment size 1M+ EUR
  • Location of the e-commerce business: Italy
  • #CFIE ITS065

Overview of this fashion ecommerce company in Italy 

The owners of leading Italian fashion agency are looking for an investment in their e-commerce business. The company is looking to find operating and financial partners in the project. The e-commerce project aims to generate at least Euro 20M volumes by Year 3. Initially, Euro 1M minimum investment is required to implement in the project. The owners are open to possible discussions with any suitable interested parties and are open to further present their investment opportunity.

Profile (strategy) of this fashion ecommerce company in Italy for sale

The company is a family owned business based in Italy, running a network of more than 150 boutiques in Italy specialized in luxury fashion. The company has profiled as a leading agent for luxury brands in Italy. The company aims to utilize its business network of suppliers and customers, to establish and develop a specialized online offering of luxury childrenwear. The childrenwear will be extended to luxury ladywear in the future. As this project will be financially demanding, the owners are looking for a partner to finance this expansion into online business.

The company is strategically positioned to take advantage of the market trends and develop an innovative model to:

  • Provide luxury boutiques with an online presence and support them in increasing sales
  • Supporting the brands to increase online sales by leveraging the luxury boutiques’ distribution network
  • Improve the boutiques’ profitability by reducing volume of end-of-season inventory and increasing sell-out price

The company chose childrenwear because of its rapid market growth. Childrenwear is booming within the personal goods industry - in recent years, childrenwear accounted for 12% of the overall clothing market.

The company currently generates a gross profit of over 300K EUR yearly. The e-commerce project of the company aims to generate at least EUR 20M volumes by Year 3 and over EUR 100M in Year 5, with an EBITDA of more than EUR 8M. The business plan includes over EUR 3.5M marketing spend over the first 3 years.

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Activities and products of this fashion ecommerce company in Italy for sale

The company currently supplies luxury children clothing and accessories to over 180 boutiques in Italy, and its network continues to expand. These include the best Italian retail boutiques for luxury childwear. They have been selected for their prestige, history, and openness to explore the digital world. The long-term goal of the company’s activities is to become a leading global online boutique, specialized in luxury childwear, offering the latest collection of leading global luxury brands. Specific focus will be US, Japan, China and selected EU countries. The company will provide parents of a secure, reliable and user-friendly online environment where they can choose guaranteed and certified products for their children from 0 to 16 years. 

The company relies on operating experience in the fashion industry and the 20+ year relationship with the boutiques, combined with strong managerial and financial background from blue-chip multinational environment. Rather than start up, it is a business transformation project.

The business plan for the company projects the number of online orders at approx. 200K in year 4, with marketing investment of 3M EUR. In case you want to see the business plan feel free to get in touch with us.

Highlights of this fashion ecommerce company in Italy for sale

  • The company has a long experience in the industry of luxury fashion
  • The company wants to start an online business
  • The owners are willing to discuss investments from 1M EUR up

Information for the fashion ecommerce company in Italy for sale

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