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Amazon FBA company for sale

  • Revenue: > 1 million EUR
  • Employees: around 10
  • Profit rate: > 20%
  • Location: Germany
  • Reason for sale: The owners want to grow the company in Germany, therefore are looking to talk to interested investors
  • #CFIE ITS513

Overview of the Amazon FBA company in Germany for sale

The owner of this FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) company in Europe is looking for buyers that are interested in investing in the business and taking it to the next level. The enterprise owns various products that are sold worldwide through its own website and through the Amazon platform. However, most of the income is generated in Germany. The business is quite profitable, the company has achieved very good profit margins in a short period of time. Its brand is recognized in the market and has a well-established status on the Amazon platform. The company has a lot of potential for growth, it has reached a turnover of more than 1 million euros and has recorded a profitability ratio of around 30%. With a stronger partner, the company could reach higher growth in a shorter period of time. A potential buyer could be a company in the e-commerce industry that wants to diversify its product range, acquire new customers, or launch its operations on Amazon. A company that is not operating yet on Amazon could benefit from the existing online infrastructure of the company for sale and use it for its own benefit to expand online sales. Investors and or buyers that are interested in this Amazon FBA company for sale are invited to contact the CFIE team for more details.

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Profile (strategy) of the Amazon FBA company in Germany for sale

The owner of an FBA company has developed the business on 2 main e-commerce channels,  the company’s website, and the Amazon platform. The products are sold under private labels and have a very thorough quality check. The owner has grown the business and made it very profitable, but now wants to exit to concentrate on other projects and activities. Also, the business requires more investment to reach higher growth and a stronger investor could ensure this. The company produces, redistributes, and supplies sports compression equipment as well as medical compression garments such as socks, tights, posture correctors, back belts, and braces. Another category of products is represented by special items addressed to mothers who are expecting babies.

The company employs around 10 people as this kind of business does not require many employees. The present staff is in charge of warehousing, shipping, and marketing on various channels including social media. Most of the marketing, however, is supported on the Amazon platform. The FBA program ensured by Amazon makes things much easier for an online business. The FBA program offers a series of operational advantages to the sellers, including sales, warehousing, and product delivery to customers taken care of by Amazon. The other parts of the business (meaning production, quality assurance, and shipping to the Amazon warehouse) are supported by the company. Most of the company’s costs are from certain activities such as production, Amazon FBA fees, advertising, warehousing, quality checks, and delivery (in case of orders purchased on the company’s website). The company also has an affiliate program where various e-commerce websites can join and earn commissions for every sale done in the company’s account. This is a good strategy to increase the company’s revenues and the results have proven worthwhile.

Activities and services of the Amazon FBA company in Germany for sale

The company sells products on its website and on the Amazon platform for personal care, sports compression equipment, and medical compression including products for women who are expecting babies.

Highlights of the Amazon FBA company in Germany for sale

  • The company produces products for personal use on the Amazon platform
  • The company also maintains its own e-commerce website
  • The company is very profitable and the owners are looking to talk with potential investors that are interested in buying the business

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