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Profile of Network or Telecom service business wanted


The company that our client is looking to buy must be a Network or Telecom service provider  with revenue of 10 to 70M million Euro. The location of the company that is for sale should be in Europe. The client should preferably have large size international customers.

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The main services the company to buy performs should be related to the network, datacenter, hosting and voice. The company to buy can be active in cloud related services for the network and datacenters. It should have high revenue per employee. Revenues should be derived by providing its network and platform to its clients and less by hourly billing of its employees (no ‘body shop’). Relevant keywords are Colocation; Managed Hosting; Managed Applications, ASP’s, ISP’s, VoIP, Managed Security, VAR’s, System Integrators/Resellers and Video Conferencing.

Our client is a pan-European telecoms network operator and services provider. Telecom related services are provided in western, central and Eastern Europe. The company serves mainly international customers.

Objectives and synergies from IT company to buy

Our client aims to achieve the following synergies from the purchase:

  • Use its own IT network to provide basic network and datacenter services to the new clients.
  • Increase it’s services offering portfolio to the current customer base.
  • Increase the profitability of the wanted business to buy.
  • Access to professional services specialists to provide further services to it’s current client base.

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If your information technology company does not fit the requirements feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities for a sale or find out more in mergers and acquisitions in information technology

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