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Does one need an advisory which knows the industry inside out for buy side m&a in transportation ?  Buying a business in transportation, logistics and freight forwarding is a job for m&a advisors who know the industry inside out. Transportation can be considered a diverse industry with heavy competition. Corporate Finance in Europe’s transportation team provides first class M&A solutions in the value chain of logistics, 4PL services as well as road freight and freight forwarding. This is because our advisors have long experience in the industry and have excellent direct contacts with transportation business owners.

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Buy a transportation services companyOur advisors are familiar with rail freight, marine freight and air freight. For search mandates we have a global reach. There is always the possibility to have a contact person who speaks your native language and who knows the local transportation industry inside out. When buying a business in transportation or logistics knowing the market trends and developments is essential. This is where the CFIE advisors can help you.

Highlights cfie

  • know the transportation industry inside out
  • know the buying process
  • Have contacts to European transportation business owners that are open to sell their company
  • speak your language

Request the Corporate Finance in Europe transportation M&A presentation to find out how we can help you with your purchase.

Buy a forwarding company

The forwarding segment is a part of the transportation industry with special attention from the CFIE team. For buying a freight forwarder our scope goes outside of the European boundaries. We have contacts with several global forwarding business owners which are open for a sale. Get more details in buying a freight forwarder

Process of buying companies

For buying a company it is necessary to know the best practices in the buying process. Our advisors will guide you through the process. Being an European network we have advisors who know the legal and tax aspects of your target country. Next to our industry focus we can include associate services. These services include valuations, due diligence, tax regulation and turnaround management. Find out more in buy a business in Europe

Advice on your purchase

The M&A advisors are ready to assist with purchasing a business in transportation services. Discuss your plans with a team of professionals. Find your preferred consultant in M&A advisory transportation

Companies for sale in transportation and logistics

If you have serious plans for acquiring a company in transportation it is wise to visit the section transportation companies for sale. You can also ask us to make a profile in business brokers transportation for a business to buy wanted. We make a search profile for you free of charge and you will be informed if suited opportunities come up. In both sections company owners with specific strategic rationales are open to discuss an acquisition or business sale.

M&A developments and landscape

To know an industry inside out you have to be aware of the M&A developments? We have a webinar in transportation to inform you and give insights to possibilities in the acquisition process. In recent M&A deals transportation you find an overview of recent cross border transportation deals in the market. In the section M&A articles transportation you find an overview of articles from our M&A blog concerning the transportation and logistics industry. Feel free to contact us if any questions about the M&A developments in transportation exist.

Information on buying a transportation company

Feel free to contact us for information about buying a business in transportation. We know your industry and speak your language. The advisors of CFIE are there to help you to get the deal done when purchasing a transportation or logistics company.