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Plastic automotive connector parts manufacturer in Eastern Europe for sale

Company for sale

  • Size: small-sized
  • Revenue: less than 5 million EUR
  • Valuation demands: <3 million EUR
  • EBITDA: approx. > 300.000 EUR
  • Reason for sale: The owners are with the help of a local M&A advisor looking for investors to take over, and realize the company’s potential
  • #CFIE PLS141

Overview of this plastic automotive connectors manufacturer for sale

The owners of a well-established plastic manufacturer with customers among the big names in the global automotive industry are looking for an investor to take over. This offer can be an opportunity for an industry investor to establish a market position in Eastern Europe, bolster production range and integrate the existing customer portfolio. The company is growing organically and the owners think the valuation is reasonable. 

Profile (strategy) for this automotive connector parts manufacturer for sale

This company for sale is a small-sized, but potentially growing manufacturer with the specialization in the production of plastic connector components, fuel system connectors, and small plastic automotive parts manufacturing.

The company was founded by in the 1980s in a small factory, which was approximately 10 years ago extended by new facility and warehouse. Currently, the company covers more than 3000 square meters of space.

The machine portfolio of the company includes 18 Injection moulding machines (30T – 400T). The company includes a fully shelved warehouse with 550 palette location and a warehouse management system customized for the use of the company.

Financially, the company generates a stable revenue level. The company is reaching a stable EBITDA of approximately 100-300k EUR per year. During its history, the company has grown organically, without any bank loans or investments.

Among the players in the industry, this company for sale has a solid reputation for quality and precision manufacturing. The references and clients of the company include top-level, luxury car brands and electronics manufacturers.

The company owner is reaching its retirement age, therefore he is looking for a suitable investor to take over and continue in what he started.

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Activities and products for this automotive connectors manufacturer in Eastern Europe

The main profile of the company is the technical injection moulded part manufacturing. The company’s main specialization lies in a product such as

  • Fuel system components
  • Automotive connector parts
  • Water purifying system components
  • Hard PVC parts
  • Glass fibre reinforced parts etc.

The company can provide its customers with an entire product lifecycle-time management from beginning up to phase out, which includes:

  • early involvement in a prototype phase
  • mould design and manufacturing
  • in-house tool trials with a trial report
  • 3d measurement and scanning capability
  • mass production support

The company’s production is of high quality which can be partly proven by the certification awarded to this company such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and many other certifications.

Highlights for this automotive connectors manufacturer

  • The company is a well-established Eastern European plastic injection moulder
  • The company for sale has close customer relationships with top automotive manufacturers
  • The company owns its facilities and has almost 20 injection moulding machines in its property

Information about this plastic connector parts manufacturer for sale

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