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Company for sale

  • Size: Medium
  • Location of this manufacturer: Europe
  • Revenue: > 30 million EUR
  • Reason for sale: The owner is willing to sell the business to a synergistic Investor/buyer who would be interested in leveraging upon the current business of the target and further consolidating the business by adding value to the target’s business. The potential buyer must have a good industry reputation
  • #CFIE PLS247

Overview of the industrial packaging company in Europe for sale

The company was established almost 20 years ago and has become a full-fledged supplier of industrial liners made of plastic and plastic composites.

The company manufactures a variety of packaging solutions regardless of whether the product to be packed is solid or liquid, powder, granules, or a pasty substance. Moreover, the safety of customers’ products with the use of advanced packaging solutions has always been the top priority for the business.

With rich industrial experience, the company is well-equipped and understands the requirements of every industry. It has been packaging paints and varnishes, industrial adhesives, chemical and petrochemical products, liquid and pasty foods as well as pharmaceutical and cosmetic products for over 30 years with great success.

The company operates through multiple manufacturing facilities and is run by professional management having rich experience in the sector. Apart from outstanding leadership, the company also has a pool of skilled workforce that includes technicians, engineers, lab technicians, R&D experts, etc. Through continuous upgrades and investment in innovation and knowledge, the company offers the best quality packaging materials for any type of industrial application.

Profile (strategy) of the industrial packaging company in Europe for sale

The company aims at manufacturing products that can assure customer delight with top quality and durability. The company has gained a good reputation in the market and amongst its customers as a supplier of packaging solutions that can be customized as well as used in various sectors.

The business has installed the latest machinery at its factories and is aggressive towards continuous improvement and advancement of its products.

The organization targets to control, compensate and reduce CO2 emissions with the objective to give prime importance to a circular economy by making efficient use of smart technologies and solutions based on artificial intelligence, robotics, and advanced engineering.

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Activities and products of the industrial packaging company in Europe for Sale

The main products of the company are as follows:

  • Round bottom bags
  • Formliners
  • Cover hoods with elastic bands
  • Boiler linings
  • Beer tank liners
  • Cross and block bottom bags/box hoods


  • Advanced plant and machinery
  • Skilled workforce
  • Focus on circular economy
  • Strong customer base
  • Technical capacity to produce the best products to meet customer demands
  • Quality and customer satisfaction are the main objectives

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