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Company for sale

  • Size: a small company
  • Revenue: 3 million EUR
  • Profitability: Loss-making
  • Location: Western Europe
  • #CFIE MAS140

Overview of this horse serum company in Western Europe

The owners of a horse sera manufacturer are looking for an investor with an international distribution network of horse sera and a lack of production capabilities. The company has a history of more than 100 years and extensive experience in the sector. The company know-how and production facilities would be of great value to the new owner.

Profile (strategy) of this horse sera company for sale

The company is specialized mainly in the production of stock-specific vaccines against bacterial infections. The company is GMP certified and has all the necessary certifications. 

The company owns its facilities that are equipped with state-of-the-art technology. The premises include cleanrooms, WFI systems, fermentation vessels, and labs for infectious agents handling. The company owns one of the few European GMP-certified production facilities, that manufactures key emergency and niche products in its own laboratory and production buildings.

The company is currently loss-making, as the demand for horse sera is decreasing. The opportunity would be good for an investor active in this industry and capable to include the business in a larger distribution network. Currently the company does not have resources for finding functioning distribution channels.

The current remaining book value is approximately 2-3 million EUR. The assets of the company include approximately 180.000 sqm of ground and almost 2 million EUR in stocks. 

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Activities and products of horse sera company for sale 

The production of horse sera has a long history in the company, as it started in the 1940s. The real estate of the company consists of multiple buildings of almost 2 million square meters. At present, the company employs as much as 30 employees.

The company’s portfolio of manufactured products and product types is very wide and includes

  • Tuberculins
  • Fungal vaccinesä
  • Antibody production
  • Fermentations
  • Tetanus antiserums
  • Formulation
  • Other types of horse and stock sera

The company is able to produce tetanus antiserum as one of the very few companies in this sector.

The owners estimate the valuation at approximately 2-4 million EUR. Also, the owners are looking for an investor who is capable to maintain a job guarantee for the majority of staff for a minimum of 2-3 years (to be negotiated depending on future site portfolio but the experienced staff is key for the current business).

Highlights for this horse sera company for sale

  • The company has a long history and is very experienced in the manufacture of sera and vaccines for livestock, especially horses
  • The company has a stable team of experienced workers (in animal care or in manufacturing)
  • The ideal buyer is a European veterinary pharma company holding or a group, willing to have an additional quality manufacturing unit in Western Europe

Information about this horse sera company for sale in Western Europe

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