Companies for sale in Europe

Businesses for sale

In this section a small part of our European portfolio companies are listed to give you an idea of the companies we represent. We represent companies in various industries like manufacturing, information technology, chemical, transportation, forwarding, hotels, commercial property etc.

Not all the companies we represent are listed here for reasons of confidentiality. If you have a specific request, please contact us to find out if we have a company for sale in Europe that fits your requirements.

Large Companies for sale

Businesses with revenues ranging from 10m € - 100m € and more are listed here. See our large businesses for sale

Medium Companies for sale

Companies with a value or revenue of 5m - 10m Euro are listed in medium companies for sale

Small Companies for sale

European businesses with a revenue or value from 1m until 5m € are listed here. See our small businesses for sale

Tiny Companies for sale

Tiny companies have a valuation or revenue < 1m Euro. More details in tiny businesses for sale

Companies for sale outside Europe

Overview of companies for sale outside Europe. See our companies for sale outside Europe

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Latest companies for sale

Injection moulding company with 3 plants for sale

Location: Eastern Europe
size: Revenue approx. 20 million EUR

Engineering company in Slovenia for sale 

location: Slovenia
Revenue:  <1 million EUR

Taxi transport service company in France for sale

location: France
size: Sales >2 million EUR

Translation company in Croatia for sale

Location: Croatia
Size: Revenue under 0,5 million EUR

Medical diagnostic manufacturer Bulgaria 

location: Europe
Revenue:  <1m Euro

Cancer Drug Development company in Eastern Europe for sale

location: Western Europe
Revenue:  <2 million EUR

Clinical Trial supplier Eastern Europe for sale

location: Western Europe
Revenue:  <2 million EUR

Food tank transport company in Slovenia for sale

Located: Slovenia
Size: <5M EURO revenue
More about this food tank transport company in Slovenia for sale

Haulier in Poland for Sale

Location: Poland
Revenue Size: >10M Euro
EBIDTA: >1,3M Euro
More about this haulier in Poland for sale

Transport Company in Spain for Sale

Located: Madrid, Spain
Size:  >5M EURO revenue
More about this transportation company in Spain for sale