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Company for sale

  • Size: large companies
  • Location: Europe
  • Revenue: 10+ million EUR
  • Reason for sale: The company has successfully undergone a turnaround situation and now the owners are looking for capable investors to take the company over
  • #CFIE MAS160

Overview of this hat manufacturer for sale

The owners of an iconic manufacturer of hats based in Europe is open to a buyer or investor. The company is owned by a company that bought it a few years ago as a turnaround case, now they stabilized the company and are looking for investors capable to grow the company further. The business plan for future years counts with significant growth, therefore it can be an interesting opportunity for a private equity fund.

Profile (strategy) of this hat manufacturer for sale

This company for sale is a well designer and seller of branded lines of hats and similar luxury products. The company is specialized in high-quality and branded products, with according sales price. The company has more than 100 years of history and its brand is well known among the players in the fashion industry.

The new owner will have the opportunity to go on with the already ready business plan, that was prepared by a team of experienced fashion industry professionals. The company has the potential to double its revenues just by utilizing the unused sales channels, expansion to new countries and other opportunities.

If you are interested, please contact us to receive an information memorandum with more information. We also can provide possible investors with a business plan with an overview of planned financial performance in the future.

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Activities and products of this hat manufacturer for sale

The company manufactures and sells hats via multiple channels. Wholesale and distribution is the largest channel for production. The revenue stream composition is currently at

  • One third from retail
  • One third from distribution
  • One third from wholesale

The company aims to become more present in e-commerce, in order to strengthen their position online. This will be done by partnering with sellers strong in the e-commerce sector. The production is currently distributed by hat shops, third-party shops, and special department stores.

The company currently maintains distribution agreements with sales offices in France, Germany and Italy, and Scandinavia.

Highlights of this hat manufacturer in Europe

  • The company is a very well positioned fashion company with a global presence
  • The buyer will get a chance to continue in modernizing the company and in the expansion plans already prepared by the current management team
  • The owner is represented by a skilled advisor, therefore the acquisition process will be professionally led and can be relatively quick

Information for this hat manufacturer for sale in Europe

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