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Company for sale

  • Size: project with 32 million EUR equity valuation
  • Location: Europe (EU)
  • Revenue: not relevant yet, project is in the development phase
  • Enterprise value: >25 million EUR
  • Investment amount: 5-50 million EUR
  • Reason for sale: The owners are looking for a Phase 2 investors into the project in order to move on with the commercialization of the wind turbines solution
  • #CFIE MAS148

Overview of this innovative wind turbines manufacturer

The owners of a company specialized in the development and production of floating wind turbines are open to discussions about a minority share sale or other forms of investment. The company has already raised seed capital from multiple investors in the past, now the company is in the phase before the commercialization of the solution. 

Profile (strategy) of this innovative wind turbines manufacturer looking for investors

The company, looking for an investment, is a company specialized in offshore solutions, willing to become a leader among the manufacturers of the offshore wind industry. The company has developed a wind turbine solution, made from precast concrete, that will be placed offshore using twin hulls.

Global offshore wind market is expected to grow 15+% in the next 10 years. Currently, the industry uses bottom fixed solutions which are expensive and too complex. Therefore, floating technology could be a game-changing solution. According to various sources, estimates stand that an offshore potential wind capacity of more than 10,000 GW is available only considering Europe, US and Japan. From all of this potential, approximately 80% is located in zones where water depths exceed the maximum feasible depth for bottom fixed solutions.

The company already has an equity valuation of 30-35 million EUR, and the investment would have an IRR of almost 20% in the next 7 years. The investment is ideal for large VC funds, large environmentally-oriented conglomerates, institutional VCs etc.

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Activities and products of the company

The company has already been successfully tested a few years ago and a fully-scaled prototype is planned to be commissioned in the near future. The company owners are currently raising the funds for this full-scale commissioning. This prototype commissioning is meant to formally test the capability of the technology and to reaffirm the data from the previous testing. After a successful demonstration project, the company will be capable to use the data to deploy a 10-20 MW array of commercial floating wind farms. The next phase of the project (in 3-5 years) counts with full commercialization of the solution, industrial production, and deploying fully commercial farms.

The team of the project includes 15+ experts in the naval industry, naval engineers, electrical engineers, naval architects etc. The CEO of the project is an experienced innovative entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in offshore company management.

The company has already raised over 5 million EUR from business angels, the mother company, and public grants. The investment opportunity presents a chance to buy equity needed to commission a demo project in Spain.

Highlights of this innovative wind turbines manufacturer for sale

  • The company is looking for an investment in order to be able to perform a fully scaled prototype test of 2MW offshore floating wind turbine  
  • The company is led by an experienced team of industry professionals
  • The buyer should be a venture capital institution, fund or a company from the environmental industry
  • We have a presentation of the project ready – this presentation will be sent to interested parties

Information about this innovative wind turbines project

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More information on this floating wind turbine manufacturer in Europe for sale

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