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Catalytic converter manufacturing factory in Slovenia for sale

Company for sale

  • Size: A tiny company
  • Location: Slovenia
  • Revenue: <1 million EUR
  • Investment amount: <1million EUR
  • Reason for sale: The owner decided to find an investor willing to help the company with manufacturing, in exchange for a share in the company
  • #CFIE TSC178

Overview of this catalytic converter manufacturing factory in Slovenia

The owners of this company are looking for a small amount of venture capital to fund the set-up of a factory in Slovenia which will make catalytic converters for biomass stoves. The owners are mainly open to speaking with parties that can show a strategic fit and will be motivated to help with mass production of the stoves. The buyer will obtain a share in a company with high potential for growth and a skilled, motivated team. 

Profile (strategy) of this catalytic converter manufacturing company in Slovenia

The company for sale is specialized in the design and manufacture of catalytic converters, used for gas purification during cooking and biomass processes. Catalytic converters are an effective technology to reduce oxidants and pollutants emitted during cooking, or from combustion in the heat generation processes.

The company supplies catalytic converters based on a variety of substrates depending on the application. The company has a skilled team of employees which is ready to customize the product for each customer.

The company is based in Slovenia, where the design center and headquarters are located. However, the end clients are located worldwide, the company supplies its products to top appliance manufacturers in the world, including international electronics brands.

The company is currently in need of a minor investment for the establishment of a factory able to manufacture the converters on a larger scale. This is why the company is open to investors willing to acquire a share in the company and participate in its future growth.


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Activities and products of this catalytic converter manufacturer

The products of the company are used to reduce fumes produced by cooking and biomass combustion processes. The products are able to diminish the presence of pollutants, which result from the processes of combustion. The pollutants that the converters deal with include nitrogen or carbon monoxide.

The products have a number of practical applications, where they help with reducing the emissions, such as: 

  • Rapid-cook ovens
  • Charcoal ovens
  • Boilers
  • Wood stoves
  • Other stoves

The converters are used in appliances, for electric or solid fuel cooking, and both domestic and mass/large scale biomass heat generation.

Highlights of this catalytic converter manufacturing company

  • The company for sale is a dynamic Slovenian company focused on the design and manufacture of quality gas purification equipment for cooking and combustion processes
  • The company supplies its converters to appliance manufacturers worldwide
  • The company owner has decided to find an investor willing to help the company with the establishment of a new factory

Information about this catalytic converter company in search for investment

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