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Company for sale

  • Size: Small
  • Location: Europe
  • Revenue: Approximately 2 million EUR
  • Reason for sale: The owner has decided to step down and sell 100% of the shares of the company to a foreign investor to help it grow
  • #CFIE MAS147


Overview of this European elevator component distributor for sale

The owners of this dealer of lift machinery have reached out to us for help with the sale of 100% of the shares in the company. The owners are mainly open to speaking with interested parties with an international presence that can show a good strategic fit and willing to work on the further growth of the company. The acquisition would be very good for a manufacturer of similar products, willing to step more into distribution, or an international distributor/wholesaler willing to acquire a full-service elevator component distributor with a stable market position in the region.

Profile (strategy) for this lift component distributor for sale

This company for sale is a well-established company specializing in part distribution for various machines, with a specialization in elevator parts. In the last few years, the company has generated revenue of approximately 2 million euros per year. The managers and owner estimate that after partnering with a strategic partner with a presence in Western Europe, the company revenue and EBITDA margin could rocket up.

At present, the company employs approximately 10 employees. The assets of the company have a book value of approximately 1 million euros. The company has its own warehousing capacities with a strategic location.

The company distributes products from almost 50 suppliers, some of them based on exclusive contracts. Currently, the company has a network of sales representatives which are located in many of the countries of the EU.

The company has an above-average EBITDA margin, currently at 30-40%. The buyer could benefit from established customer relationships with major players in the lift industry.

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Activities and products of this lift machinery distributor for sale in Europe

The company is specialized in the distribution of elevator components from all manufacturers. Apart from this, the company also operates with multiple other types of machinery, spare parts, and technological components. The employees of the company are highly experienced in their field and skilled in sales activities and they could be of great added value to a potential buyer.

The company is dealing with various components including:


  • Motors
  • Cables
  • Lift ropes
  • Displays
  • Elevator doors
  • Electric components
  • Position sensors
  • Buttons, etc.


The company has activities in countries such as


  • France
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • The UK
  • Poland
  • Hungary
  • Switzerland, etc.


The company is financially healthy and not in significant debt.

Highlights of this elevator machinery distributor for sale


  • The company for sale is a dynamic European distributor with a presence in multiple countries in Europe
  • The company has a broad range of products and a stable customer portfolio
  • The company is generating an above-average EBITDA margin, at its outlook is positive for the future


Information about this lift machinery distributor in Europe

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