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Company for sale

  • Size: Large size
  • Rev: >300 million EUR
  • Normalized EBITDA: >8 million EUR
  • Location: Europe
  • History: 25+ years
  • #CFIE MAS216

Overview of this commodity distributor in Europe

The owners of a well-established distribution company focused on commodities distribution and raw materials distribution in Europe are open to acquisition offers from strategic or financial investors. The owners are not in active sale process; however, they are open to speak to a potential investor or buyer that can bring synergies to the business. This opportunity can be of great value to a potential investor, as it would grant him access to valuable customer portfolio and stable distribution network in Europe.

Profile (strategy) of this commodity distributor in Europe

The company for sale is a large commodity distribution group based in Europe, one of the largest in the region. The company has more than 25 years of history and experience in commodity and raw materials distribution business.

The company for sale has an international approach, with export offices in 5+ countries. Apart from this, the company has strong business partnerships and sales agents in more than 70 countries worldwide.

The company is serving multiple industries, with a focus at following industries:

  • food 
  • energy
  • textile
  • plastics
  • agriculture
  • biofuel etc.

The company is financially strong, generating 300+ million EUR in revenue, with YoY growth exceeding 10%.

The company continuously invests in infrastructure to ensure operational effectiveness. Currently it owns and leases 10+ warehouses in its main export countries. The company also provides its customers with freight transportation.

CFIE has no sell-side mandate. An interested party please indicate an interest to mandate CFIE. 

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Activities and products of this commodity distributor in Europe

The company has an extensive experience in international maritime and land trade.

The company works with 5000+ suppliers and customers. The management of the company wants to increase this number and seeks further regional expansion in order to increase market share in European markets by expanding client network and representing existing suppliers in new countries. Also, the expansion plan counts with widening of product portfolio with a focus on a more specialty and advanced products with higher added value.

The company has excellent references from stock listed manufacturers and international companies. More confidential information, including a presentation, is available and will be disclosed to interested parties who prove capability of acquisition and who can bring synergies to  the target.

The synergies would reside mainly in the financial area on the one hand. It would be preferred if the buyer had good bank contacts, as he would be able to support the target in growth via working capital improvement. Further, there can be operational synergies with suppliers or clients.

Highlights for this commodity distributor for sale

  • The company has 25+ years of history and is very experienced in commodity and raw material distribution in Europe
  • The company has a large customer portfolio and distribution network in place with own warehousing and transportation capabilities
  • The ideal buyer is a large strategic holding or a group, willing to strengthen its position in European commodity trading business

Information about this commodity distributor for sale in Europe

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More information on this commodity distributor in Europe for sale

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