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Company for sale

  • Location: Romania
  • Revenue: More than 2.2 million EUR
  • EBITDA margin: 17 – 19% 
  • EBITDA: Approximately 400 000 EUR
  • The packaging company employs approximately 25 people
  • Reason for sale: The owners are selling the company with the help of an advisor, due to personal reasons
  • CFIE : MAS153

Overview of this cardboard packaging company for sale

The owners of this corrugated cardboard packaging manufacturer with 25 employees are open to speaking to financial investors or strategic buyers willing to take over 100% of the company. The company is owned by two local owners, with one owner actively looking for a sale, and the other also willing to talk about the sale of their 50% share. This would be their first choice or they would consider a partial sale of at least a 30% share. Both of the company owners are flexible to analyze options to suit the buyer’s expectations.

Profile (strategy) of this corrugated cardboard packaging company for sale

This company for sale is based in Romania and has become a specialized producer of corrugated cardboard packaging for industrial use, using FEFCO standards. The company has grown its business year-by-year, with a two-digit net profit margin percentage in the last 5 years, and a growth potential that is still unmet. The future plans project further turnover growth, as well as net profit.

The investment may have a high added value, as the non-Romanian buyer would have the advantage of a fast market entry. The opportunity is, therefore, well suited to strategic international buyers with no existing business in the seller company’s market area and looking to expanding their business.

The company is well established and has a very good image in the market and among banks, which may be an advantage in case of more aggressive growth plans. The company is focused on its main activity, and is not involved in activities other than the core business- manufacturing corrugated cardboard packaging. The company does not have any debts to the state or employees and no grey business is conducted in the company.

The owners of the company are reliable people who are not involved in any conflicts, court disputes or litigations that might negatively impact the transaction.

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Activities and products of this cardboard packaging company from Romania

The company has developed a large number of strong relationships with reliable clients and suppliers. During its existence, the company has built a good name among its customers, which helps to turn their one-time clients into long-term business partners.

The offices and production facilities are located in an industrial area and are spread out on more than 3 thousand square meters. The company headquarters are located in a very clean and green area, with good access to Hungary and the Ukraine. The premises of the company include:

  • Production halls
  • Offices
  • Access area
  • Sorting area
  • Deposit area
  • Recreation area

All  the company’s real estate and equipment are connected directly with the production of cardboard packaging products, the assets do not include any non-core assets or other equipment without connection to cardboard packaging production.

The company has a stable team of 25+ employees, with great experience and loyalty to the company, the internal organization of the business is very good, work discipline has been cultivated and assimilated by employees.

Highlights of the cardboard packaging solutions company in Romania for sale

  • The company for sale is a well-established business with a stable team and a low cost of labor
  • The company owners are willing to hear from serious buyers, preferably large industry groups seeking to enter the Romanian market
  • The firm is very well managed, with no problems or issues that would jeopardize the transaction or the company after the sale

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