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Company for sale

  • Size: large companies
  • Location: Europe (will be disclosed in later stage)
  • Revenue: >20 million EUR
  • EBITDA: >2 million EUR
  • Asking price: >12 million EUR
  • #CFIE MAS165

Overview of this printing company in Europe for sale

The shareholder of this book printing company has decided to look for a potential exit from the long-term investment and therefore he is looking for a strategic or financial investor. The assets of the company include all necessary facilities and modern equipment needed for the production and further growth. Please reach out to us to get more information about this seller.

Profile (strategy) of this book printing company for sale 

The company for sale is one of the most successful book producers in Europe specializing in the production of hard-cover and soft-cover books. The company owns a production plant with a strategic location close to a larger city.

Over the last 10 years, significant investments have been made in machinery as well as in the professional team of employees. Most of the employees are loyal to the company, the majority of the employees have more than 10-year experience in the industry. The company is stable financially, the balance sheet of the company does not contain any debt.

Tangible assets of the company comprise production equipment and machines, office equipment, cars, and investments in rented assets. The real estate would be part of the transaction. The book value of lands and buildings is 5+ million EUR. The company has a wide fleet of state-of-the-art offset and web printing, binding and post-processing machines, which allows it to deliver high-quality service.

The company is currently actively expanding in Scandinavian markets. The business plan of the company counts with a stable EBITDA at approximately 2 million UR per year. The company is expected to grow revenue by 5% per year. The company has also a potential to further increase production capacity and implement a growth plan to reach more than 40 million EUR in turnover.

The market with books is constantly growing, therefore there is a clear view of utilizing this opportunity.

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Activities and products of this book printing business  

The main products of the company are

  • Hard-cover books
  • Soft-cover books
  • Magazines etc.

The company is export-oriented, with a majority of revenue coming from exported goods. The clients of the company include large companies from Europe or Eastern markets.

The company is absolutely independent of the owners, as a clear organization structure is implemented. Executive directors are motivated and growth-oriented. The transaction can be made very fast and there could be a seamless transition between the owners. The company has 200+ employees at the moment.

Highlights of this book printing company for sale

  • The company is a growing book printing company with an international presence
  • The owners are looking to exit the company, as it is a part of their long-term strategy
  • The company has a stable situation and a positive outlook to the future

Information about this book printing company for sale

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this printing company for sale. We have strong experience in European M&A business. If this business does not fit your requirements, feel free to ask for other companies for sale. If you are interested in buyers of companies, please visit the section companies wanted. 

More information on this book printing company in Europe for sale

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