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Company to buy 

  • Size: large business
  • Revenue: EUR 20 million and more 
  • Employees number: 100+
  • The preferred location of the target: Europe, preferably EU countries
  • Reason for acquisition: A European based automotive company wants to increase sales volume and widen its customer portfolio 
  • #CFIE MAB192

Overview of this buyer for rubber-molded parts manufacturers

The buyer is an automotive rubber company, which with the help of PE financing, is looking at opportunities of a potential acquisition of a small and medium-sized company with similar orientation in Europe. The buyer is ready to finance suiting acquisition opportunities with the help of a PE fund and they emphasize their ability to boost their acquisition targets into further growth.

Profile (strategy) of the buyer

The buyer is a company from the automotive industry with more than 20 years of history in the rubber production industry. The company is specialized in rubber and silicone components production with a wide range of applications. The buyer has a revenue of more than 30 million EUR, the acquisition would be funded in cooperation with the owner of the buyer. The investor, mother company of the buyer, is a private equity fund, specialized in small and middle-sized companies, in the automotive industry.

The customer portfolio of the buyer includes top European and Asian automotive brands. The buyer company is already present in multiple countries of Europe, such as

  • Germany,
  • Portugal
  • Slovakia,
  • Mexico,
  • Etc.

The company seeks an acquisition mainly in order to enlarge its customer portfolio and to increase their order intake. Also, the buyer wants to build a group with strong companies generating synergies, and benefit from the economies of scale. All of the company acquisitions are financed by the funds of the PE fund, sometimes with the help of bank financing.

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Activities and products of the ideal target

The management of the buyer is mainly looking for companies which would have synergies with their current operation. The target has to be an automotive supplier, oriented at

  • Rubber parts production,
  • Silicone parts production, or
  • Injection molding

Apart from the automotive, the buyer is also open to companies with product application: in the household, pharma or medical appliances. The targets revenue should exceed 20 million EUR, and it would be good if a growing trend is maintained.

The target EBITDA is not specified, it would be good if it was at least slightly positive. The target has to hold all of the necessary references and certificates, needed for being an automotive supplier. The buyer management is ready to help target companies achieve profitable growth. 

Highlights of the buyer for rubber-molded parts manufacturer in Europe

  • The buyer is a well-established European automotive supplier, looking at potential acquisition targets preferably in Western or Eastern Europe
  • The buyer is seeking suiting acquisitions in which they will be able to bring synergies to their business and increase the customer portfolio
  • The target will have support from the buyer, personal and financial

Information about this buyer of the automotive manufacturer in Europe 

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