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Company to buy

  • Size: small/medium business
  • Revenue: EUR 2 -20 EUR approximately
  • Preferred location: Western Europe
  • Reason for acquisition: The buyer is looking for company with activities supplementing to the buyer’s focus
  • #CFIE PLB105

Overview of this plastic company buyer

The buyer is a significant processor of plastics material (PP, GPPS, and others) looking to find complimentary businesses as part of its growth strategy. The management of the buyer is looking for companies that have activities complimentary to theirs and would supplement the buyer in industry sectors, in which the buyer is not strong yet, like automotive sector plastics.

Profile (strategy) of this plastic company buyer

The buyer company is one of the leading plastics engineering companies, with activities in recycling and waste management. The company has been on the market only for a few years, but has undergone a successful growth period and now the company is looking to grow by merger, joint venture or acquisition, which will help it expand its client base further and improve its services portfolio.

The company is able to refine post-industrial plastics into high quality plastic streams, for reuse and resale in the plastics industry. The recovered plastics are sold to multiple industries like:

  • injection moulding companies
  • compounding companies
  • plastics manufacturers
  • medical device manufacturers
  • other general purposes 

The company is very environmentally friendly focused. In its manufacturing processes, it uses only clean and green methods, generating minimal waste in the process. The clients of the buyer include major medical device and pharma companies throughout Europe.

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Activities and products of the target

As the buyer process material mainly medical/food grade PP, and GPPS, currently is looking for a company with experience with compound materials. The buyer is not present in compound materials production but has access to high volumes of plastics material – which can be utilized in a partnership with a suitable target.

The preferred locations of the target include:

  • Germany
  • Belgium
  • Netherlands
  • France

The buyer and acquisition could bring a lot of synergies to the target, the strategy is that the buyer can provide cheap material as input for its target plastic manufacturing company. The revenue of the target should be in the interval from 2 to 20M EUR, the buyer is ready to place an LOI after evaluing the presented company’s financials and references.

Highlights of this plastic company in Western Europe wanted

  • A buyer is a young a dynamic plastic recycling company, looking for plastics company that would bring synergies to both sides of the transaction.
  • The buyer is a processor of plastics material with large medical and pharma clients.
  • The target should be a company with a successful history, and recognizable footprint in the plastic industry.

Information on this plastic company buyer

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