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Company to buy

  • Size: small to large business
  • Revenue: EUR 2 – 50M EUR 
  • Preferred location: any country of Europe
  • Reason for acquisition: The buyer company wants to expand its group of plastics recycling facilities in Europe
  • #CFIE PLB103

Overview of this buyer for a plastics recycling plant 

The buyer is a highly acquisitive company operating in the plastics recycling industry. The company has conducted multiple acquisitions in recent years and are looking to expand further and buy more facilities with good cashflow and stable financial situation. The management of the buyer is open to offers from any plastics recycling company owner, from any country of Europe.

Profile (strategy) of this buyer of plastic recycling company

This buyer company is specialized in processing sorted post-consumer and pure post-industrial plastics. Its main business is recycling of the PE film. The company produces regranulates which find their way into various film products, ranging from industrial packaging to refuse bags and agricultural film.

The company also focuses on other materials like HDPE, PS, and PET. For the upgrading of plastics, the company uses a wide range of inventive technologies, and the products have outstanding characteristics.

The company is one of the industry leaders in plastic recycling in the region, with successful operations for over 50 years. Currently, the buyer has an extensive presence in Europe and operates on multiple locations in Europe, each with their own specialism. 

Because of its constant investments into research and development, the knowledge of the company is based on many years of experience and now it is capable of developing custom-made raw materials.

Apart from the recycling and production, the company is able to handle all plastics-related transportation logistics locally and worldwide, and it provides professional laboratory tests in cooperation with various renowned partners.

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Activities and products of the target in plastic recycling industry

The buyer company specializes in the entire logistics of plastics recycling starting with the collection of scraps from suppliers and ending with the supply of ready-to-use recycled raw material to our customers. The buyer is looking for acquisition of a company in the same industry, preferably with good cashflow and stable outlook for the next years.

The ideal target should have the necessary equipment for grinding, washing, separating, sorting of material, as well as regranulation and compounding. The company is interested in targets dealing with commodities such as 

  • LDPE 
  • HDPE 
  • PP 
  • PS
  • PET
  • ABS 
  • PC 
  • PBT
  • PA

The revenue of the target should be in the interval from 2 to 50M EUR, which means almost any size will be considered. The buyer has the funding they need and is highly acquisitive, so the M&A process can start soon after finding the right target. The geographical location of the target is not limited, the target can be located in any European country.

Highlights of this plastic recycling company in Europe wanted

  • A buyer is a strong player in the plastics recycling industry with over 5 locations in Europe.
  • The target should be a company with a successful history and well-established supplier and customer relationships.
  • The buyer is willing to start acquisition process right after finding the suited target.

Information on this buyer for a plastics recycling plant in Europe

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More information on this buyer for a plastic recycling plant in Europe

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