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MSP company in Europe to buy

  • Revenue: 3-30M EUR
  • Employees: not decisive
  • Location of the target: Europe
  • Reason for acquisition: The company is active in cloud services sector. It has a strategy for growing its operations in Europe via acquisitions, therefore the management is open to speaking to interested sellers
  • #CFIE ITB169

Overview of the Buyer for MSP company in Europe

The buyer is an international organization active in cloud services sector providing software solutions that help in cloud management. The innovative solutions created are consolidated in a complete IaaS software platform that enables service providers, telcos and hosters to build and sell various cloud services in a more efficient and faster way. The solution accelerates transformational processes allowing innovative ideas to become profitable services. In the same time, cloud services providers can take the advantage of the platform’s flexibility and scale, deploy and configure servers in a simply and cost-effective manner. The buyer is an innovative player in cloud management sector; it has attracted the recognition of numerous industry leading technology providers that accepted to become partners to create cutting-edge solutions. The company’s value proposition is end to end cloud services offering high performance agile cloud services using its own IP. The management has a strategy of Edge and Cloud Service, wants to grow the business reach and plans to do acquisitions of MSP companies in Europe. The buyer enterprise has very efficient EDGE cloud platform to host targets and to increase profitability. There is secured substantial funding to acquire companies with revenue ranging from 3-30M Euro, profitable and with potential for growth.

Profile (strategy) of the Buyer for MSP company in Europe

The buyer company has been on the market for around 10 years and during this time has managed to grow both operational and financial. The business is quite diverse, there are activities in cloud services, MSP, software, managed hosting, network and infrastructure. In order to deliver crucial capabilities and services to their clients, enterprise organizations rely more and more on cloud-based infrastructure, platforms and applications. Cloud environment became more complex and IT organizations need cloud computing to operate more efficiently in providing flexible capacity for data storage, processing and other functions. The buyer company developed a software solution for cloud orchestration, a special cloud technology that facilitates the management of cloud-based infrastructure. This software tool allows IT organizations to manage interconnections between disparate systems and makes it possible to generate more business and accelerate growth.
The service providers are offered a customizable platform for multi-cloud management, a software suit that has a scalable architecture, an adaptable interface, contains metering and billing functions and offers possibilities for reselling, application management and scaling. The software platform for cloud management is very rich in technical features. It makes it easy to provide and track cloud usage within a customer organization by enabling to isolate the customer who buys cloud and let him securely consume the infrastructure. The customer is able to give access to multiple users, differentiate specific groups and resources access and can monitor/trail the way the cloud is used. The user is allowed to set-up his own billing and manage various functions such as product catalogue, control panel, customers and resellers. When it comes to storage, since customers have different storage performance needs, the solution makes it possible to provide each client with the storage capability based on his specific workloads necessities.
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Activities and products of the MSP target company

The buyer is looking to acquire a company that is active in the areas of MSP, Cloud Services Management, Cloud Orchestration, Cloud Infrastructure Management.

Highlights of the Buyer for MSP company in Europe

  • The buyer is an enterprise active in cloud services sector
  • The company delivers solutions for cloud management
  • The buyer enterprise has very efficient EDGE cloud platform to host targets
  • The management has decided to enlarge the business in Europe and is looking to buy a company involved in MSP services

More information on this buyer for MSP company in Europe

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