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Company to buy

  • Size: Large
  • Revenue: > 50 million EUR
  • Location of the buyer: The US and Europe
  • Reason for acquisition: The company is interested in further strengthening its geographical presence in Europe and adding more products to its portfolio to provide high-quality and top-class services to its customers. The company is looking to buy/acquire a die-casting manufacturer catering to the automotive industry
  • #CFIE AUB122

Overview of the buyer for fluid system and die-casting manufacturers in Europe

The company was established more than 8 decades ago. It develops and manufactures components such as fluid handling systems and high-pressure die castings for the automotive industry along with the production of industrial heat exchangers.  The company is managed by professional and seasoned management. The company has a large skilled workforce comprised of technicians, machine operators, engineers, product managers, R&D experts, and many more. Since its inception, the company has grown exponentially and has gained a successful position in its business segment. The company focuses on continuous product improvement and innovation for supplying the most sophisticated and best-quality products to its customers. The main motto of the company is to design, engineer, validate and manufacture high-precision products for its clients.

The company has been producing lightweight products for several years through the use of mass-reducing materials such as aluminum and high-strength, low-alloy steel. Clearly, the extensive experience of the company in the automotive sector along with streamlined processes and vertically integrated capabilities consistently result in superior quality and the most cost-effective solutions for its customers.

Profile (strategy) of the buyer for fluid system and die-casting manufacturers in Europe

The company ensures zero defects and 100% percent satisfaction to its customers. It has a global team of talented people delivering excellence over the years resulting in strong client relationships. The company has secured all necessary industry certifications and has won several awards with a brand name among the customers as a preferred and/or strategic supplier. The company supplies components to some of the most premium vehicles in the world, including cars, sport utility, and trucks produced by Tier 1 leading players. With the use of an in-house inspection system, force monitoring, vision, laser, and other sensors, the company is able to detect, segregate, and sort any manufacturing problems and defects at a very early stage of the production cycle.

The main components manufactured by the company are as follows:

  • Fluid handling systems: Designs, and manufactures many fluid handling parts and systems for combustion engines, hybrid, and battery electric vehicles
  • High-pressure die castings: Produces precise, lightweight high-pressure die castings and assemblies for various fuel, electric, and hybrid applications
  • Industrial heat exchangers: Large-scale design and manufacture of industrial heat exchangers
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Activities and products of a suitable target

The target company can be from anywhere in Europe with strong technical know-how and capabilities. The revenue size of the target company should be in the range of 5– 30 million euros. The main activities should be the production of automotive components from die casting and fluid handling systems. The potential target should be a Tier 1 supplier.

Highlights of the buyer for fluid systems and die-casting manufacturers in Europe

  • The buyer is a prominent and well-established player in the automotive component manufacturing segment
  • The company has sound financial capabilities
  • The buyer has strong financial resources to make acquisitions and add value by further growing the business of the target company
  • The company has the ability to execute work in multiple skill areas across practically all automotive domains
  • Expertise in the production of lightweight components
  • Value engineering across the entire product life cycle
  • Application of products in electric vehicles also
  • Agility and innovation

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