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Company to buy

  • Size: Medium
  • Revenue: > 15 million EUR
  • Location of the buyer: India
  • Reason for acquisition: The buyer is interested in acquiring a company that has expertise in manufacturing rubber parts for the automotive industry. The buyer is keen to acquire a company with good technology and a solid customer base. The target company also should have the potential for further growth and expansion in Europe
  • #CFIE AUB128

Overview of the buyer for automotive rubber part manufacturers in Europe

The company is among the leading rubber part manufacturers and is into the engineering and manufacturing of technical rubber products for the automotive and non-automotive industries. The company currently operates from one manufacturing plant with a full-fledged technical and development center, a best-in-class in-house mixing facility, a state-of-the-art molding shop, and one of the best sheet metal processing lines. The company has successfully and directly linked its growth with the growth of its esteemed clients. The buyer has warehouses across India, Europe, and South America with technical and commercial support centers in Brazil and Germany.

The company has a team of skilled engineers, technicians, machine operators, and professional management to run the business efficiently. Over the year of its inception, the company successfully developed the technology and products that enhance the quality, reliability, and economy of automobiles to ensure total customer satisfaction. Flexibility and innovation are the strategies of the company that leaves no opportunity unanswered while better ideas are unearthed every day. The company emphasizes involvement with clients at every stage of the production cycle.

Profile (strategy) of the buyer for automotive rubber part manufacturers in Europe

The main products in which the rubber parts of the company are applied are as follows:

  • Bushings for electric engine mountings, control arms, rear shock absorbers, link arms, stabilizer bars, subframes, leaf springs, V–links, and radiator mounts
  • Engine mounts: Transmission mounts, roll restriction (C mount), electric engine mounts, and rear differentials
  • Technical Parts: Strut mounts, shock absorbers, bump stops, spring seats, dust cover bellows, exhaust hangers, headlamps, and tail lamp sealing caps
  • Hoses: Air filter, engine fresh air intake, and engine dirty side

The company is growing at a very rapid pace and is looking for organic and inorganic growth options by way of mergers and acquisitions. The engineering and R&D teams of the company are continuously engaged in innovation and research leading to the production of high-quality products.

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Activities and products of a suitable target

The target company should be engaged in the production of rubber parts and components for the automotive industry catering to OEMs and/or aftermarket channels. The target company should have a strong client base with state-of-the-art technology and should serve as a platform for the buyer to gain a substantial presence in Europe.

Highlights of the buyer for automotive rubber part manufacturers in Europe

  • The buyer is a prominent and well-established player in India
  • The company has a strong network of OEMs and distributors
  • Rapidly growing company
  • Professional management looking to grow the business
  • The buyer has a strong financial capability to make acquisitions and add value by further growing the business of the target company
  • Strong R&D team

More information on this buyer for automotive rubber part manufacturer in Europe

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