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M&A advisor Barkan Baybogan from Turkey

CFIE stands for best practices in M&A advice. For sell side M&A clients there are Turkish native speaking advisors available. For buy side mergers and acquisitions our advisors can guide you through the rich Turkish culture and business habits. The core competence of CFIE lies within the teamwork of native speaking M&A advisors combined with M&A experts who know your industry inside out.

Barkan Baybogan is the CFIE team leader of our Turkish M&A team. If you have questions about M&A in Turkey he is the man who can help you out.

Sell Side Mergers and Acquisitions in Turkey

Cross border M&A can help to get a good price with the sale of your business. Cross border M&A is not only suited for large multinationals but also for companies with revenues from 5m euro and more. Within Europe there might be buyers with more funds and willing to pay higher multiples for your company. For the sale of your business cross border M&A is the key to get a better price for your company. Many European consolidators are waiting to enter the fast growing Turkish market and can be the buyer of your company. When selling a Turkish company support from an advisor who speaks the Turkish language is very important. We can help you to learn more about Turkey and to sell a Turkish business to foreign buyers.

CFIE always combines a local Turkish M&A advisor with one or various European industry experts so we can connect to the best international buyers for your business. For more info about sell side M&A in Turkey and the sale of your business follow sell a business in Turkey

Buy Side M&A in Turkey

When buying a company in Turkey it is necessary to have a M&A advisor who knows Turkey inside out. Is it pleasant to have a Turkish speaking advisor?CFIE always has local M&A advisors on the ground that speak the local language so we can help you in the best way to buy a business in Turkey. For more information about the perspectives of buying a business in Turkey follow buy a Turkish company

M&A advisory Turkey

Is it important that your adviser speaks other European Languages?When doing business with CFIE you are always working with M&A advisors that speak various languages and can help you to advise best in your M&A project.

Are excellent businesses build by passion and hard work?If you have worked hard to build up your business you deserve an excellent support in the sale of your company. Barkan Baybogan is a member of our Turkish M&A advisory. To learn more about him follow M&A advisor Barkan Baybogan.

Recent M&A deals

Cross border M&A is profitably also for smaller companies (3m euro - 50m euro revenue) In recent M&A deals Turkey you will find a listing of interesting M&A deals with their deal perspectives.

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