M&A (Mergers & acquisitions) in Transportation

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Buy side M&A in transportation and logistics

Do you need an advisory which knows the industry inside out for buy side m&a in transportation? Due to the diversity of the transportation industry and current developments the industry has become complex. Our M&A advisors are monitoring the M&A landscape in logistics closely. We try to get the best deal possible for our clients. Find out more in buy a transportation company.

Forwarding is a segment with a special attention of the Corporate Finance in Europe Team. If you are looking to acquire a forwarding business we advice you to read more in buying a forwarding business.

Sell side M&A

Should sell side mergers and acquisition advisors know the market? Our advisors are monitoring the market closely and understand the complexity and diversity of the transportation industry. Developments of the market leaders and most aggressive buyers are followed closely. The consolidators are known by our team. To learn more about sell side M&A in transportation follow selling a transportation company.

CFIE is in touch with the market leaders of the industry. Forwarding is a segment with our special attention. For the sale of your forwarding company we advice you to read selling a freight forwarder.

Mergers and Acquisitions advice

The M&A advisors are ready to give you the right advice on M&A in transportation. You choose a CFIE M&A advisor because:

  • He is familiar with the transportation industry
  • He has done several M&A deals and knows the latest company valuations
  • He is well connected within the transportation and logistics industry
  • He speaks your language

You can select your preferred advisor in M&A advisory transportation.

Companies for sale in transportation and logistics

Within our M&A advisory we have listed several transportation companies for sale. The listed businesses are open for a sale when the strategic rational fits. If you have serious plans for buying a business you can learn more in buy business Europe.

Business brokers in logistics

Business brokers for the transportation services industry. Within our brokerage we have listed several buyers that want to acquire forwarding, transportation or logistics companies. Within business brokerage transportation there is an overview of companies to buy wanted.

M&A developments and landscape

Is it necessary to be aware of the current M&A developments to know an industry inside out? Via our webinar M&A in transportation we are able to inform you and give insights to possibilities regarding business sales. In the recent M&A deals section there is an overview of recent cross border deals in the logistics market. In M&A articles transportation you will find an overview of articles from our M&A blog concerning the transportation and logistics industry.

Information about mergers and acquisitions in transportation

Contact us if any questions exist after reading this M&A in transportation section. The M&A advisors of CFIE are ready to help you with your M&A plans in the transportation industry.