M&A (mergers & acquisitions) in Slovenia

M&A advisors

CFIE can help you with M&A services in Slovenia. Our advisors are equipped with the experience and knowledge to make a success of your M&A project. We can give you mergers and acquisition advice in Slovenia. Our mergers & acquisitions advisors help you with buy side and sell side guidance for the Slovenian M&A market.

The main industries of CFIE’s mergers & acquisitions team across Europe are ICT, transportation and chemicals. For these industries we have separate mergers & acquisitions teams. If you want to learn more about these industries and find a suited advisor please visit;

Buy side M&A in Slovenia

Should your M&A advisor know the best practices in the process of buying a business? Visit buy a business in Europe to learn about buying a business in general. This information can help you in the acquisition process of a Slovenian company.
Does a Slovenian advisor active in mergers & acquisitions need to know your industry? CFIE offers you mergers & acquisitions advisors in Slovenia who know your industry and speak the Slovenian language. CFIE’s mergers and acquisitions team in Slovenia has a special focus on various industries. Import industries for Slovenia are plastics, automotive and manufacturing industries. 

Sell side mergers and acquisitions

Visit sell your business in Europe to learn more about all the aspects involved in a business sale. This section learns you everything about the process of the sale of a company. Learn about the type of buyers and the preparation for a business sale (these pages include various downloads related to the sale of your company).

M&A advisory team in Slovenia

If you need a M&A advisor in Slovenia CFIE is ready to help you. Your company is built by hard work during many years. CFIE has a local team who are experts in mergers and acquisitions and can provide you with an advisor who;
  • Knows your industry
  • Knows your language
  • Knows about mergers and acquisitions in Slovenia
  • Knows the value of your company for a buyer

We have various mergers and acquisitions advisors that are active in the Slovenian market. Select your preferred Slovenian advisor in M&A advisory Slovenia. Here you can select the M&A consultant in Slovenia who is the most suited to help in your specific situation (buy or sell a company).

Slovenian businesses for sale

What is a M&A advisory without actual businesses for sale? The team of Corporate Finance in Europe has many contacts to Slovenian business owners. We know the business owners who are looking for active mergers and acquisitions activity. If you want to sell your business visiting business brokers Slovenia can be a good idea. Here you will find profiles of European or Slovenian buyers who possibly want to buy your company. We can make a profile of your company free of charge and put this online in our business for sale section. In this way you can get in contact with possible buyers.

Slovenian businesses wanted

What is a M&A advisory without actual businesses wanted? If you want to buy an existing Slovenian company we suggest to visit companies for sale in Slovenia. Here you find an overview of all companies that are currently for sale in Slovenia via our advisors. Feel free to contact us if you want to sell your Slovenian company. We can make a profile of your company free of charge and post this online in our business for sale section. If you want to buy a company in Slovenia we can make a wanted profile with your requirements. We can list this profile in our Slovenian section of our website and get back to you if we have a suited target to acquire.

We know the Slovenian mergers and acquisitions market

We monitor the Slovenian mergers and acquisitions (M&A) markets on a continuous basis. We know the M&A deals done in the Slovenian market and deliver the best possible mergers and acquisitions services. We know the recent multiples and valuations that are being paid in Slovenia. Visit recent M&A deals Slovenia to see what is happening in the Slovenian market. Feel free to contact us if you have a question about a specific mergers and acquisitions deal in Slovenia.

Mergers and acquisitions references by CFIE

A CFIE advisor only can be a true M&A advisor when (s)he has a good track record. In references Slovenia you will find some examples of M&A deals done by the CFIE team. For reasons of confidentiality we cannot publish all the historic deals done in the area of mergers and acquisitions. When you are interested in our mergers and acquisitions services we can provide you with more references.

Information about mergers and acquisitions

If you have any questions about the Slovenian mergers and acquisitions (M&A) situation we invite you to get in touch with us. We connect you to the most suited mergers and acquisitions advisor for your business. You can reach our CFIE M&A team in Slovenia by filling out the contact form below.

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