Post-acquisition integration

CFIE can help you with post-acquisition integration in Europe

Our advisors are equipped with the knowledge to make a success of your post-acquisition integration process. You can hire us for post-acquisition integration projects in most European countries (Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Poland and many others). Also, we can help you with post-acquisition integration in different industries across Europe. Please get in touch with us to get post-acquisition integration advice.

Post-acquisition integration advice

Does an M&A advisor need to know about post-acquisition integration? CFIE offers you advisors who know about post-acquisition integration and speak your local language. We help you in the full post-merger process. Our advisors have a detailed understanding of post-merger integration in many industries. For an advisor in the area of post-acquisition integration in Europe, please visit post-acquisition integration advisors. For an overview of all the CFIE advisors, visit international M&A advisors to select the M&A consultant who is the most suitable for your post-acquisition integration project in Europe.

Post-acquisition integration support

The best solution when doing an acquisition is to work with specialists in the field of post-merger integration. CFIE can provide you with a post-acquisition integration advisor in Europe who;
  • Prepares PMI plans and processes with the target company
  • Makes risks assessments and assigns ownership
  • Agrees on the business case with the target management
  • Agrees on synergies with the target work stream owners (partners)
  • Starts PMI work stream team integration
Visit our section about the process of post-merger integration to get a better understanding of the process of post-acquisition integration.

Best practices in post-acquisition integration

If you want to learn about best practices in post-acquisition integration, we suggest visiting the page best practices in post-acquisition integration. This page gives information about best practices in post-acquisition integration. We touch upon items like cultural awareness, synergies, dealing with people, integration teams and creating ownership of work streams as well as strategic vision and communication.

Post-acquisition integration business cases

The team of Corporate Finance in Europe writes about business cases, so you can learn about the experiences we have gained during our projects. If you want to read more about a business case in a post-acquisition integration in the financial services industry in Ireland and the Netherlands, please visit PMI case Netherlands Ireland Financial Services where you can read about an actual post-acquisition integration project.

Information about post-acquisition integration

If you have any questions about the PMI M&A situation, we invite you to get in touch with us. You can contact our PMI M&A team members by filling out the contact form below. Please do get in touch and let us know how we can help you.

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