Pharma businesses for sale

Pharma businesses for sale

At this moment we have several pharma businesses for sale. In this section you will find some of these pharma businesses. Sometimes our local advisors have exclusive sell side mandates for the pharma companies for sale. In other situations pharma companies are open to talk about a sale to buyers but no formal documentation exists. For reasons of confidentiality it is not possible to list all the pharma companies for sale.

Some pharma business owners have contacted us and have indicated that they are open to sell but they have not given an active sell side mandate. This means they are willing to discuss a business sale with possible interested parties. There are also examples of companies that have tried a business sale in the past but have not succeeded for whatever reason (e.g valuation demands). These companies are still open to discuss a business sale with pharma buyers. Listed pharma companies for sale or open to discuss a business sale at this moment can be found below;

Your own pharma business for sale

If you are a business owner who is open for a (partial) business sale you can contact us for help on the sale of your pharma company. We can list your company in this section. Please get in touch to know more.

List a pharma business as an advisor

If you are a M&A advisor and help pharmaceutical business owners with business sales you can contact us. We can list the pharma company you represent for sale in this section. Please get in touch to know more.

pharma - for sale

Pharma companies for sale

Plastic medical device manufacturer (OEM) in Western Europe for sale

location: Western Europe
size: Revenue: < 9 million EUR

Profitable CRO company for sale in Europe

location: Europe
size: Revenue >10 million EUR
more about this CRO in Europe for sale

Producer of pharmacy automation machines for sale

location: Western Europe
Revenue:  <1 million EUR

Private Swiss Clinical-stage Biotech and Medical Device Company for sale

Located: Switzerland
Size: 5€ - 10€ million

Cosmetics and Baby Diapers Manufacturer in Eastern Europe for sale

Located: Eastern Europe
Size: 5€ - 10€ million

Clinical stage European muscle recovery booster for sale

Located: Western Europe
Size: n/a

Pharmaceutical CRO in Northern Europe for sale 

located: Northern Europe
size: Revenue 15M+ EUR

Clinical Research Organization in Scandinavia for sale 

located: Scandinavia
size: Revenue: >7M EUR

Innovative diagnostics producer in Hungary for sale

located: Hungary
size: Revenue approx. 5M EUR

Pharmaceutical equipment distributor in Spain for sale.

Located: Spain
Size: Revenue > EUR 2M

Veterinary chemopharmaceuticals company in Serbia for sale

located: Serbia
size: approx. >2M EUR

Pharma consultancy company for sale

located: Switzerland, EU
size: Revenue 0,8-1,2m Euro

Cosmetics and Skin Care manufacturing company for Sale 

located: Malta
size: Revenue <1M EUR

Biopharma investment fund for sale

located: Europe, USA
Investment amount: >20m Euro

Pharmaceutical consultancy company in Germany for sale

located: Germany
size: Revenue <5M EUR

Distributor of laboratory products and equipment for sale

Located: Spain
Revenue > Euro 2M 

Transdermal pharma drug delivery company looking for investor

located: USA
size: Revenue <1M EUR

Contract manufacturer for pharma industry in Germany for sale

located: Germany
size: Revenue <5M EUR

German pharmaceutical contract manufacturer for sale 

located: Germany
size: Revenue approx. 20M EUR

CRO company in Central Europe for sale 

located: Central Europe
size: Revenue <5M EUR

Pharmaceutical applications manufacturer Western Europe for sale

located: Western Europe
size: approx. >2M EUR

Pharmaceutical warehouse company Northern Europe for sale

located: Northern Europe
size: Revenue:  >20M Euro 

Medical imaging company in Europe for sale

located: Europe
size: reveue > EUR 20M

Pharmaceutical packaging systems manufacturer for sale

located: Spain
Revenue:  >5M EUR 

Pharma distributor Eastern Europe for sale 

located: Eastern Europe
size: Revenue <5M EUR

Pharma Distributor Western Europe for sale

located: Western Europe
Revenue:  <10m Euro 

Health insurance company Europe for sale

located: Europe
Revenue:  <10m Euro 

Pharmaceutical distributor Eastern Europe for sale

located: Eastern Europe
size: > 10m EURO revenue

Pharma distributor in Turkey for sale

located: Turkey
Revenue:  approx. 15M EUR 

Medical supplements manufacturer Europe for a sale

located: Europe
size: medium-sized 

Nuclear and Pharmaceutical services provider for sale

located: Slovenia 
size: Revenue approx. EUR 9M

Pharmaceutical Logistics Business for sale in the UK 

located: UK
size: Revenue EUR 1-5M

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company for sale

Size: large, but needs to be restructured (a former government owned company)
Location: Serbia
more about this pharmaceutical manufacturing company for sale

Pharmaceutical contract research organization in Europe for sale

located: Europe
size:   7.2 M EURO revenue

Contract Manufacturing Organization Europe open for a sale

located: Europe
size: large-sized 

Pharma Drug Manufacturer Europe open for a sale

located: Europe
size: large-sized 

Distributor of laboratory consumables and equipment Eastern Europe for sale

located: Eastern Europe
size:  small-sized
more about this Distributor of laboratory consumables and equipment Eastern Europe for sale

Pharmaceutical drugs manufacturer for sale

Location: Baltic States
Medium size
more about this: pharmaceutical drugs manufacturer for sale

Pharmaceutical contract manufacturing India for sale

located: India
more about this pharmaceutical contract manufacturing for sale

Biomedical company for sale

located: Europe
Revenue size: <1 M EUR annually
more about this biomedical company for sale

Chemicals business for sale

Cosmetics (body lotions) manufacturer for sale

#CFIE U003
located: Western Europe
size:    > 30 m € revenue
more about this Body lotions manufacturer for sale

Biopharmaceutical manufacturing company for sale/investment

#CFIE T245
located: Europe
size:  30m € investment
more about this Biopharmaceutical manufacturer looking for an investment

Spanish Medical press company for sale

located: Spain
size:     4.6 m € revenue
more about this Spanish medical press company for sale

Clinical research organization for sale

located: Germany
size: <  5m € revenue
more about this German CRO Company for sale

Online health and beauty company minority share for sale

#CFIE T152
located: Europe (Germany, Sweden)
Investment amount: 3m € investment
more about this Online health and beauty company for sale

Pharmaceutical company for sale

size: 10m - 50m revenue
location: Europe
more about this medical supplier for sale