Due diligence support in the Netherlands

Due diligence (DD) support in the Netherlands

When can due diligence (DD) services be useful in the Netherlands?
If you are planning on acquiring a company in the Netherlands you might need some temporary due diligence support. We can provide you with someone from Corporate Finance in Europe in your due diligence team for a certain period of time. If the company you are buying is of a smaller size, we have individuals that do the full DD. Our people are up to speed directly due to the large experience they have with SME’s and due diligence (DD) projects. We can be available for exactly the period of time and the number of hours you need our services.
Due diligence is quite a specific area, where you need to have regular experience. Hence, it is important to have someone on board who has executed various due diligence projects before. Our team has been involved in many due diligence projects across Europe. We have due diligence specialists with experience in the industry where your company operates in. In this article we describe some of the advantages of having a specific due diligence person directly in your team for acquisition projects in the Netherlands.

In which situations is an external due diligence manager useful?

There are a lot of situations where external due diligence support can add value to your company. Our people can work on a strategic level and act as sparring partners for senior management of the buyer. At the same time we can also work on an operational level in due diligence projects. If you do a small acquisition in the Netherlands and you need a fast check on the company you acquire we can help you. Our people can make a report of the target company and describe possible issues that exist. Another way to support is in the investigation of some very specific areas in the company. Corporate Finance in Europe can bring you people with specific knowledge in finance, tax, legal or other areas.

Background of due diligence advisors in the Netherlands

m&a advisor Govert Derks CFIE due diligence partners in the Netherlands are mostly people that work on due diligence projects on a regular basis. Our people are all independent M&A advisors with long experience in the due diligence field. We are active in the area of SME’s (revenues of 5 up to 500 million Euro) for a long time. Our people function fully independent and give objective feedback on due diligence assignments. Our Dutch due diligence specialists have gone through various specific DD cases and learned a lot in practice. Our advisors gained their due diligence knowledge both in theory as well as in practice. Most of our due diligence people have an international background and can work all across Europe. A profile of our due diligence advisor in the Netherlands, Govert Derks, can be found here. Get 30 minutes of free advice with Govert Derks, our due diligence advisor in the Netherlands.

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