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Businesses we buy or sell

The average business we sell has 20 to 400 employees, revenues of 3M to 100M Euro and a valuation of 2M-50M Euro. If you want to sell your company please check our website and ask us for more information on how we can help you (contact us). For more information about m&a in europe our country specialists are ready to serve you.

M&A advisers

Our team members are located in almost all European countries and have long experience in helping European business owners sell their company to international buyers. All team members have practical experience in various European countries. We only work with people that have proven, high quality M&A skills and experience. We understand the local business cultures and customs. Please see more details on our m&a advisers here.

Knowledge of selling a company

Our M&A advisers have practical working experience in a specific industry and have done a large number of business sales in their own industry. Each adviser has a focus on a few selected industries only. Some of the industries we cover are:

M&A in Information Technology and ICT
M&A in Transportation, Logistics or Forwarding
Mergers and Acquisitions in Chemicals

We know how to buy a
company in Europe

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