Sell a healthcare business

The sale of a healthcare company

Sell a business in Healthcare

CFIE has very experienced and well prepared M&A advisors in selling businesses in Europe. Please check our references in the M&A market. If you have a healthcare business for sale, our M&A advisors will support your efforts in finding buyers and finalising the transaction. If you have small, medium or larger healthcare company for sale, we will help you to find the right international buyers for your business, because we are completely aware how to do it and have in depth knowledge of the European healthcare market.

Type of healthcare companies we can help in a business sale

We know how to sell your healthcare business because we know what the healthcare industry consists of and how to deal with different subcategories of healthcare industry in Europe:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical equipment
  • Biotechnology
  • Medical supplies
  • Health care
  • Telehealth
Below we give some further information on a few specific healthcare fields where we can help healthcare business owners in a business sale.

Sell a pharmaceuticals company

The pharmaceutical industry in Europe has experienced a rapid growth in the recent decades. It transformed into a global industry, which faces many M&A challenges across the globe. Their products help the people live in a safer and securer environment as well as better every day human life. Our M&A advisors have great experience in dealing with large number of pharmaceuticals mergers and acquisitions.

Sell a medical equipment company

Not so rapidly developing but still very sustainable part of the healthcare industry in Europe. It helps medical services to be delivered to the recipients in a quality and safe manner. It helps also for further research and developments in the healthcare field of studies. Our M&A advisors have great experience in dealing with large number of medical equipment companies mergers and acquisitions.

Other healthcare industries for sale

Biotechnology and medical supplies are the base on which the whole healthcare industry develops its growth. Telehealth is a relatively new section of the healthcare industry in Europe and it is developed primarily in the UK and Western Europe. It represents a delivery of health-related services and information via telecommunications technologies and is rapidly developing in the last years. It will the base for the future enhancements of the entire healthcare industry in Europe. Our M&A advisors can help you to sell your healthcare company in all that healthcare subindustries in Europe.

Sell your healthcare company in a specific country in Europe

We have professional healthcare M&A advisors in many different countries in Europe. Every European country has their own particularities both in their healthcare and M&A markets. Our quite experienced M&A advisors will help you find the right buyer from the industry filed. In addition, they will help you to sell your healthcare company at the best possible price.

Type of buyers for your healthcare business

Who could be the best buyer for your healthcare business?
CFIE has a widely developed M&A advisory network who works with the most active international players in the healthcare M&A business. We know their targets, acquisition strategies, preferred regions, investment habits. We work with them many years ago and we assist them to reach all their planned synergies by acquiring healthcare companies in Europe. We work with investors in all subsectors of the healthcare industry – pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, biotechnology, medical supplies, health care and telehealth. If you want to get the best possible price for your healthcare business, our M&A advisors will help you achieving it. Please, get in touch with our M&A advisors who can help you with a business sale of your healthcare company.

More information on selling a company

The process of selling a healthcare company differs from selling a business in a general industry. The main differences are in the specifics of the healthcare industry and its subindustries. If you haven’t been in the M&A business before, we will assist you in the tough process of selling your company. You can also visit our page regarding the process of selling a business.

Preparation when selling a healthcare business

Preparation is very important when you start selling your healthcare business. You have to prepare and plan your selling activities long before proceeding the sale transaction. Our M&A advisors will help you to prepare yourself well enough and to sell your healthcare company in Europe at the best possible price. Get in touch with us to learn more about the possibilities to sell your healthcare company.
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