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The healthcare market in Europe

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The global health care industry is going through a period of globalization. Across the globe, there have never been more health care challenges than there are today. However, these challenges can push stakeholders to innovate in new and exciting ways and to generate scientific, medical, and care delivery breakthroughs that can improve the health of people worldwide. There are four major issues that governments, health care providers, payers, and consumers face: aging population and chronic diseases; cost and quality; access to care; and technology. As evidence of the trend towards globalization, many of the challenges and opportunities emanating from each of these issues can be both global and market-specific.
The European Healthcare market has experienced extensive growth over the past few years, owing to rising aging population and technological advancements. Rising healthcare costs, and increasing government initiatives in the form of funds, loans and policies have made home healthcare more affordable, thereby driving the growth of the market. The home healthcare market mainly consists of products, services and the so called telehealth – delivery of health-related services and information via telecommunications technologies. The mobility assist and other devices, home healthcare therapeutic equipment, and telehealth market are lucrative for companies to invest in, as they are forecast to grow at a very high CAGR from 2015 to 2020. The European home healthcare market has been dominated by Germany for the last several years. This was attributed to an increase in the number of elderly people, number of chronic diseases, government funding, acceptance of home-based devices, awareness of home healthcare, and supportive insurance coverage. France is the second-largest home healthcare market in Europe.

Type of healthcare companies to buy in Europe

The healthcare landscape in Europe is of high interest to international buyers. There are several fields in which the Europe healthcare industry has been developed. Many interesting healthcare merger and acquisition opportunities can be accomplished on the European market. Here are some of the subcategories of healthcare industry in Europe:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical equipment
  • Biotechnology
  • Medical supplies
  • Health care
  • Telehealth

Why to buy a healthcare company in Europe?

There are many reasons to buy a healthcare company in Europe. If your investment strategy aims to penetrate on the European market, the most efficient way is to acquire a healthcare company in Europe. The industry and governments support many innovations. A significant growth is expected in the healthcare industry. Also the European education system is very well developed. Last, but not least, there is a lot of qualified working force through the entire continent; besides, labour costs in Eastern Europe are at relatively low levels. Many successful M&A deals have been done in Europe for the last two decades. That is why, Europe is very attractive place for acquisitions in the healthcare industry. Please get in touch with us if you want to buy a healthcare company in Europe.

Overview of industries impacted by healthcare

The healthcare industry has a strong contribution to a better and richer life of people and for safer and comfortable environment across Europe. The healthcare industry has large impact over the whole life and the other industries, including:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Biotechnology
  • Food and beverages
  • Plastics
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Production
  • Leisure and tourism

How to buy a company in general?

If you plan to buy a healthcare company, it is essential to know the M&A process and habits in general. That is the place where our M&A team comes with their vast experience in dealing with mergers and acquisitions in the healthcare industry in Europe. The process is long and need to be detail planned long before you start the acquisition. Our M&A team will help you to navigate through you buying with their specific industry knowledge and market awareness. If you want to know more about buying a company in general, please go to the page buying a business.

Healthcare company wanted in Europe

If you won a healthcare company and want to sell it, this is the place you can do it. In this section we will place your business for sale and try to find for you the right buyer at the best price for you. Many international buyers and investors visit our web site searching for the most beneficial acquisition. So being in this section we can connect you to many buyers for your healthcare company. If you are an interested buyer of healthcare companies, we can make a profile of the healthcare companies you are interested in and post them here. Once we have a suited healthcare company for you, we will get in touch with you.

List healthcare companies to buy

If you want to buy a healthcare company in Europe we might have the right one for you already. We have many healthcare companies for sale. You may be very interested to buy one of them. If you are interested in buying a healthcare company, please go to the section healthcare companies for sale. Here you can find the healthcare companies we currently have for sale.

Buying a healthcare company in Europe

CFIE has a wide experienced M&A advisory network with M&A advisors with great healthcare industry knowledge and market understanding. They will help you if you want to buy or sell a healthcare business in Europe. They are excellent prepared M&A professionals whom you can rely on to make the right deal for you in the healthcare industry in Europe. Please get in touch with us if you want to know more about how to buy a healthcare company in Europe.

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