Healthcare businesses wanted

Healthcare businesses wanted

If you are a healthcare business owner and want to sell your company, we can connect you with the most serious and active business buyers in Europe. We work with large number of international buyers and investors and assist them to realize their investment and synergy strategies. One of them could be the buyer of your healthcare company. In the list below, you will find many European healthcare businesses to buy and wanted by those international buyers. If you plan to sell your company, inform us and we will help you to find the right buyer. If you want to list your healthcare company for sale in our web site, please visit the section healthcare companies for sale and get in touch with us there.

Healthcare companies wanted by healthcare buyers

Buyer for a healthcare distributor in Europe 

location: Europe
revenue: 5 - 100 million EUR

Buyer for a medical disposable product manufacturer in Europe 

location: Europe
revenue: 1 - 10 million EUR

Buyer for a healthcare company in Hungary

location: Hungary
revenue: 3 - 30 million EUR

Buyer for medical device distribution company Europe

located: Europe
size: Revenue approx. EUR 1,5 - 5 million

Buyer for an orthopedics manufacturer in Europe

location: Europe
size: Revenue 10 -100 million EUR

Buyer for a disinfection healthcare products distributor

location: Europe
size: Revenue 3- 20 million EUR

Aesthetic medical products distributor wanted in Europe

located: Europe
size: Revenue EUR 1 -7M EUR

Medical contract manufacturer wanted in Europe

located: Europe
size: Revenue EUR 5 -50M EUR

Disposables medical manufacturer wanted

located: Europe
size: Revenue EUR 5 -50M EUR

Manufacturing business to buy wanted

Medtech Supplier to buy in Europe

located: Europe
size: medium- to large-sized business 

Transportation company to buy wanted

International logistics company looking to buy a medical logistics company in Europe

#CFIE U047
located: Europe
Revenue size:  1M € to 20M €
more about this International logistics company looking to buy a medical warehousing company in Europe

Manufacturing business to buy wanted

Medical Technology Manufacturer Wanted in Western Europe

located: Western Europe
size: mid-sized business
more about this Medical Technology Manufacturer wanted in Western Europe

Buyer for an injectables facility Europe

located: EU or Switzerland
Purchase range: 20-30mn USD
more about this buyer of injectables facility

Beauty supply distributor wanted

#CFIE T0265
located: Germany, United Kingdom, France
Revenue size:  0,5M € to 10M €
more about this US based distributor looking to buy a beauty supply distributor

Pharmaceutical company looking to buy a health care company in Europe

#CFIE T0240
located: Europe
Revenue size:  5M € to 150M €
more about this International pharmaceutical company looking to buy a pharma related consumer brand in Europe

Buyer for manufacturing company of orthopedic braces

#CFIE T0171B
located: Europe (preferably Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey)
Revenue size:  2 – 50 M €
more about this buyer of an orthopaedic braces manufacturing business