Healthcare businesses for sale via CFIE

Healthcare businesses for sale

CFIE has a section for healthcare businesses for sale in Europe. There you will find some excellent offerings for healthcare companies for sale. Our M&A advisors work with various clients across Europe and assist them in preparing and executing the transaction. Sometimes they have exclusive sell side mandates for the particular companies for sale. They will help you in finding strategic investor for fully or partial (minority or majority stake) selling of your company or financial investor entering your business with fresh cash and strengthen your company and business strategy.

Many of the healthcare business owners prefer to list their companies on our web site, but for reasons of confidentiality, it is not possible to list all the healthcare companies for sale. Others contact us directly and thus indicate that they are open to sell their businesses. Another group of owners is simply willing to discuss a business sale with possible interested parties. There is also examples of companies that have tried a business sale in the past but have not succeeded for some reason (e.g. high valuation demands). These companies are still open to discuss a business sale with healthcare buyers. Listed healthcare companies for sale or open to discuss a business sale at this moment can be found below.

Your own healthcare business for sale

If you are a business owner, who is open to sell your business fully or partially or just want to discuss a possible transaction, you can contact us directly or through our web site and we will help you to offer and sell your healthcare company. We can list your company in this healthcare business for sale section. Please get in touch to know more.

Healthcare companies for sale

Healthcare distributor in Eastern Europe for sale

location: Eastern Europe
Revenue: >20 million EUR

Adult diaper distributor in Eastern Europe for sale

location: Eastern Europe
Revenue: >20 million EUR

Medical disposable manufacturer in Turkey for sale

location: Turkey
Revenue: >3 million EUR

CO2 detector manufacturer for Sale

location: Scandinavia
Revenue: >1 million EUR

Fertility Clinic for sale in Spain

Location: Spain
Size: revenue > 500k Euro 

Medical centre in Southern Europe for sale

location: Europe
Revenue:  approx. 1-3 million Euro

Eye microsurgery clinic Eastern Europe for Sale

located: Eastern Europe
size: Revenue approx. EUR 2 million

Plastic medical device manufacturer (OEM) in Western Europe for sale

location: Western Europe
size: Revenue: < 9 million EUR

Private hospital in Eastern Europe for sale

located: Eastern Europe
Revenue: 1-15 million EUR (will be provided upon request)

Fitness center chain in Czech Republic for sale

located: Czech Republic
size: Revenue >4M EUR

Medical instruments distributor from Hungary for sale

located: Hungary
size: Revenue approximately 2.5 million EUR

Private Swiss Clinical-stage Biotech and Medical Device Company for sale

Located: Switzerland
Size: 5€ - 10€ million

Implant manufacturer in Europe for sale

located: Europe
size: Revenue >10M EUR

Digital health company for sale

located: Europe
size: tiny company

Wholesaler of incontinency products in Poland available for sale

located: Poland
size: approx. 8M EUR 

Aesthetic medicine distributor in Czech republic for sale

located: Czech Republic
size: approx.  1M EUR revenue 

Professional and healthcare footwear manufacturer for sale

located: Spain
size: Revenue approx. EUR 2M

Medical Distribution Company Romania

located: Romania
size: +/-2M € revenue 

Medical Distributor Romania Company for sale

located: Romania
size:      <2M € revenue 


Distributor of laboratory consumables and equipment Eastern Europe for sale

located: Eastern Europe
size:  small-sized
more about this Distributor of laboratory consumables and equipment Eastern Europe for sale

Hearing Centre in Turkey for sale

#CFIE U055
located: Turkey
size:    1 m $ revenue
more about this retailer for sale in Turkey


Internet health care – Venture Capital

IT or ICT business for sale

located: Germany/Netherlands
size:    -m € revenue
more about this health care ICT Venture Capital needed


Clinical research organization for sale

located: Germany
size: <  5m € revenue
more about this CRO Companies for sale

Cosmetic surgery in Serbia open for a sale

#CFIE T177
located: Serbia
size: < 1m € revenue
more about this plastic surgery in Serbia for sale


Online health and beauty company minority share for sale

#CFIE T152
located: Europe (Germany, Sweden)
Investment amount: 3m € investment
more about this health and beauty company for sale


Orthopedic appliances distributor for sale

#CFIE 141
located: Portugal
size: < 1m € revenue
more about this distribution company of orthopaedic materials for sale


Chemicals business for sale Italian chemical and pharmaceutical R&D activity and pilot testing plant for sale

#CFIE T045
located: Italy
size: 1m - 5m € revenue
more about this Italian chemical and pharmaceutical R&D company and pilot testing plant for sale


Pharmaceutical company for sale

size: 10m - 50m revenue
location: Europe
more about this medical supplier for sale