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Germany is a very important country and often the engine for the European economy. M&A in Germany is at the same time a very local market but also a global business with international buyers. We focus on both domestic business sales as well as cross border transactions. CFIE, Corporate Finance In Europe, stands for high quality M&A (mergers and acquisitions) advice all across Germany. CFIE is a network of independent M&A advisors that, as stated, concentrate both on the domestic M&A market with smaller transactions as well as on larger cross border deals. Our advisors are active in mergers and acquisitions but all have a completely different background and knowledge area. For sell side M&A clients there are local German speaking advisors available. These people have strong industry skills and are part of an European M&A industry team. If you have questions about mergers and acquisitions in Germany please choose your advisor of choice in our German M&A advisory or get in touch with us.

Sell Side Mergers and Acquisitions in Germany

Sell a business in Germany Cross border M&A can help to get the best price at the moment when you sell your business. When selling a German company support from a local German advisor is of high importance. We can help you to learn more about how to sell a German business to foreign buyers. CFIE always combines a local German M&A advisor with our European industry experts so we can bring you the best international buyers for your business. For more info about sell side M&A (mergers and acquisitions) in Germany and the sale of your business follow sell a business in Germany.If you have a business in Germany that is active in a specific industry we can help you very well too. Here are some of the industries in Germany which our advisors know inside out:

We also have general industries where we help selling companies across Europe:

Buy Side Mergers and Acquisitions in Germany

Buy a business in Germany Buying a company in a foreign market always requires detailed knowledge of the local regulations and rules. When buying a company in Germany it is a large advantage to have various local M&A advisors who know Germany inside out and who can cooperate on deals together. CFIE has German M&A advisors on the ground that know the local habits and business culture. Hence, we can help you in the best way to buy a business in Germany. For more information about buying a business in Germany please follow buy a German company. We have various industries where we can help you very well to buy a company. In the following industries in Germany we have specific knowledge and business contacts:

Businesses wanted by international or domestic buyers

The team of CFIE has good contacts to both domestic as well as international buyers. Are you interested in our M&A advisory’s buy side portfolio? In business brokers Germany some of our buy side mandates are listed. These buyers want to get a position on the German market. Please check the list of buyers to see which businesses are currently wanted in Germany: businesses brokers Germany

M&A advisory Germany

Is it important that your adviser speaks other European Languages? Does your M&A advisor need to be supported by a large European team of partners?Our combined team has many decades of German M&A experience. Hence, we can help you in any corporate transaction, be it for small to medium-sized private companies or for very large public firms. Our German M&A team is very diverse and we have all kind of different advisors available across Germany. If you contact us we will bring you in touch with the most suited M&A advisor for your project. Find more details on the team of German M&A advisors here.

Business cases

Being a M&A advisor in the Corporate Finance in Europe network for Germany means having local practical experience in Germany. From some of our closed deals we have made a specific description where we describe the business case and what our contribution was to the project. On the German market we have selected the following businesses that were sold and where we made a somehow more detailed description; M&A transaction in IT networking

M&A Deals and transactions in the German market

Corporate Finance in Europe is constantly monitoring the German market and speaking to Corporate heads of M&A departments from large buyers. To sell or buy a business successfully means being aware of the requirements and demands in the current market. On recent deals in the German market we can give you some important comments. Learn more about transactions being executed in Germany and follow Recent M&A deals in Germany.

CFIE Merger and Acquisitions articles about Germany

We publish articles about mergers and acquisitions in our Blog. Sometimes there are specific articles related to mergers and acquisitions in Germany. Here you can read more articles about the German M&A market related to mergers and acquisitions in Germany.

Cfie references

Our typical deal size is between 2 and 20 million Euro. However, we also have team members that are active in deals of up to 150 million Euro. There are few markets with a higher activity of M&A transactions than in Germany. Key markets that bring buyers are the major bordering countries (France, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria). However, more and more we see international transactions done out of the US and China. We do both domestic deals as well as cross-border ones. Please check our mergers & acquisitions advisory track record (M&A deals done) in CFIE references in Germany.

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