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M&A advisors in Denmark

CFIE stands for good M&A advice in Denmark. For sell side M&A clients there are Danish native speaking advisors available. For buy side mergers and acquisitions our advisors can help you to find the right opportunities in the Danish M&A market. The core competence of CFIE lies within the teamwork of native Danish speaking M&A advisors combined with M&A experts who know your industry inside out.
Jens Waldorff is the CFIE team leader of our Danish mergers and acquisitions (M&A) team. He will point you to the right M&A advisor or helps with questions about M&A in Denmark.

Sell Side Mergers and Acquisitions in Denmark

Selling to an international buyer normally gives you the best price for your company. When selling your Danish company support from a local advisor who speaks the Danish language is very important. Next to this you need an European team that can bring you the best international buyers for your business. For more info about sell side M&A in Denmark and the sale of your business follow sell a business in Denmark. (this page is also available in the Danish language).

Buy Side M&A in Denmark

When buying a company in Denmark it is necessary to have a M&A advisor who knows Denmark inside out. Is it pleasant to have a Danish speaking advisor that has grown up with the Danish habits?
CFIE always has local M&A advisors on the ground that speak the local language. In this way we can help you to buy a business in Denmark. For more information about mergers and acquisitions and the perspectives of buying a business in Denmark follow buy a Danish company. We can help you also when you want to buy a company in a specific industry in Denmark. In the page regarding buying a Danish business you will find info on this. If you want to go directly to mergers and acquisitions information about buying a Danish company in a specific industry please go to:

Legal and tax aspects when buying a company in Denmark

If you want to acquire a company in Denmark it is important to understand legal and tax items involved in M&A (mergers and acquisitions) transactions. If you are interested in the legal and tax aspects of buying a company in Denmark please read more here:

Businesses wanted in Denmark

Are you interested in our M&A advisory’s portfolio? We come across quite some buyers for Danish businesses. These companies could be the buyer for your business. In business brokers Denmark some of our buy side mandates are listed. Please check here to see which businesses are currently wanted in Denmark.

M&A (mergers and acquisitions) advisory Denmark

Is it important that your advisor speaks other European Languages?
When doing business with CFIE you are always working with mergers and acquisitions advisors that speak various languages and can help you to advise best in your M&A project. If you have worked hard to build up your business you deserve an excellent support in the sale of your company. Jens Waldorff is a member of our Danish M&A advisory. To learn more about him follow M&A advisor Jens Waldorff.
Finn Laursen is a member of our Danish M&A advisory with a focus on the logistics, transportation and forwarding industry. To learn more about Finn follow M&A advisor Finn Laursen.

M&A webinar Denmark

If you want detailed and tailor made information about the M&A situation in Denmark subscribe for Danish M&A webinar. We explain about the developments around mergers and acquisitions in Denmark and help you with questions about M&A in Denmark.

Recent M&A deals

Cross border M&A is profitably also for smaller companies (3m euro - 50m euro revenue) In recent M&A deals Denmark you will find a listing of interesting merger and acquisition (M&A) deals with their deal perspectives.
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