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Web hosting company for sale

  • Revenue: < 3M EUR
  • Valuation expectations: > 2M EUR
  • Employees: > 13
  • Location of the Web hosting company: Finland
  • Reason for sale: The owners want to grow the company in Finland, therefore are looking to talk to interested investors
  • #CFIE ITS307

Overview of the Web hosting company in Finland for sale

The company is an important web hosting and domain registration entity in Finland. It managed to reach a portfolio of more than 35.000 customers to which the company offers automated web hosting and cloud services. The company is doing very well, it has the maximum credit rating and has plans to grow the business. Currently it offers domains, web hosting and applications for professionals at a great price quality rapport, but wants to diversify its services. It is in full evolution and grows organically by widening its service offering and developing e-commerce, self-service capabilities and SaaS services. As part of a growth strategy, it has a history of doing M&A deals and it’s open for new opportunities. It needs more resources to support the growth and could use a strategic buyer’s involvement in the business. The company is not pursuing an active sale, but the owner is considering selling in the next years. If you are interested, we can keep your details on file or ask for an update of the latest interest of the owner.


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Profile (strategy) of the Web hosting company in Finland for sale

The company has more than 20 years of experience on the market and is recognized for being a competitive provider of hosting related services such as domain names & certificates, web hosting, premium WordPress hosting, e-commerce hosting, virtual servers, cloud capabilities & applications. It also delivers various cloud products such as Microsoft Office365 & Azure, AWS, Google Apps and IBM Softlayer. The application solutions provided by the team are addressed to both small and large enterprises that need their businesses to be supported by various digital services. Office applications, corporate exchange email with own domain, file sharing, cloud storage and other useful tools are ensured by Office 365 solution. F-secure service protects all the company’s terminals. The back-up service is ensured by Nexetic Shield. For organizing the office G Suite is a valid option, it provides tools such as Gmail email with own domain, shared calendars, real-time contact tools, advanced enterprise administrator tools, etc. All these solutions for collaboration and office functions have the meaning to create the right digital environment that brings efficiency and competitiveness.
There are 4 hosting packages with different prices depending on various features such as disk space, RAM (memory), cPanel, database server, email Boxes, MySQL databases, Transport, CPU (CPUs), Simultaneous connections, etc. For an unlimited web hosting that can store a large amount of data the company provides a hosting solution that includes a large 20GB of disk space, unlimited traffic, mailing lists and a useful application installer that enables the client to install the needed programs very easy and fast. Because each web host will be paired with its own domain name, the final price will include both domain name and web host costs. The client has the option to add multiple parallel domains and also to transfer existing domain from another hosting service provider. In this case the client is able to move the domain traffic from the current domain service provider to the company’s hosting service.

Activities and services of the Web hosting company in Finland for sale

The company for sale delivers the following services:
  • Domain Names
  • SSL Certificates
  • Web Hosting
  • WordPress
  • Website Transfer
  • E-mail Hosting
  • Security and Back-up
  • Virtual & Cloud Server
  • Maintenance
  • Applications

Highlights of the Web hosting company in Finland for sale

  • The company is active in web hosting and domain registration area
  • The solutions create the right digital environment that makes businesses more efficient
  • The company wants to diversify its services and expand its operations
  • The owners are open to talk with potential strategic buyers that are interested to grow the business

More information on this web hosting company in finland for sale

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