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Work clothing manufacturer in Czechia for sale

Company for sale

  • Size large company
  • Revenue: 8M EUR
  • EBITDA: approx. 1M EUR
  • Net debt: 2,5M EUR
  • Asset value: 7M EUR
  • Asking price: 6M EUR
  • Location of the clothing manufacturer: Czech Republic
  • #CFIE MAS129

Overview of this work clothing manufacturer in the Czech Republic

The subject of the sale is a 100% share in a textile manufacturing company, specialized mainly in the production of clothing and various types of uniforms for corporate customers. The owners will be happy to receive offers from potentially interested parties. 

Profile (strategy) for this work clothing manufacturer in the Czech Republic 

The company for sale is operating in a textile manufacturing industry and is focused mainly on the production of work clothing and various types of uniforms for corporate customers. In addition, the company also deals with additional services such as washing of textiles, cleaning of clothes, dressing up and repair of clothing and disposal. The company has been operating on the Czech market for many years and has gained good market position and long-term customers. 

The acquisition is particularly suited to larger companies in the textile industry or in a related, manufacturing-oriented industry. In co-operation with a good market position of the company's business network, the buyer can achieve the expansion of the product portfolio for business partners, while also increasing its own market share in textile production.

The owner of the company also welcomes an alternative to investing in the purchase of a minority stake in the company - in which case the owner would continue to work in the company.

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Products and services of this work clothing manufacturer in the Czech Republic 

The company has a very stable turnover in the long term. The outlook is projected conservatively, with achieving similar returns as in previous years. Profitability is predicted to be steady at approximately 10-12% of the turnover, according to the expected margins of closed contracts, and with optimized costs of services (lease agreements, warehouse efficiency). The opportunity and challenge for this company is currently to develop a position in international markets, and that is why a strong partner or a new owner can make a significant contribution.

The Company has no material liabilities to the state and is not involved in any legal disputes. The management of the company is stable and can continue in operation even after acquisition by the new owner. The business is for sale mainly because the owner wants to focus his attention on other activities - the current owner has been running the company for more than five years and feels the need for change. The owner, of course, counts on "teaching" the new owner on how to run the company for how long it may be required.

Highlights of this work clothing manufacturer for sale

  • The company is a well-established company in the Czech Republic, with very strong regional market position
  • The company works mainly for government institutions and corporate clients
  • The company has excellent EBITDA margins and stable revenue outlook
  • The owners are planning to sell the majority or minority stake in the company in the next years

Information for the work clothing manufacturer in the Czech Republic for sale

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