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Transport company Bulgaria

Transportation Company Bulgaria for sale

  • Sales: <50M EURO
  • EBITDA:<1,5M EUR, will grow in the future
  • Valuation demands (asking price for 100% of the shares): >7M EUR
  • Location of the transportation company: Bulgaria
  • Reason to sell: The owners are actively selling the company and are ready to negotiate terms.
  • #CFIE TRS031

Overview of the Transportation Company in Bulgaria for sale

A Bulgarian forwarding company is looking for a buyer of 100% of the shares of the company. The company for sale is mainly specialized in international road transportation across Europe as well as in Turkey. Get more information about this Bulgarian transportation company now.

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Profile (strategy) of the Transportation Company in Bulgaria

The Transportation Company for sale is specialized in road transportation throughout European countries and is willing to expand its business in the future. The company plans to increase its fleet of vehicle and trailers to fulfil growing demands of the transport services on the market and support other companies who need transport services.Company’s turnover has been continuously increasing and its assets keep growing. The owners are open to discuss about the selling the company. 

Activities and services of the Transportation Company in Bulgaria for sale

  • Company’s main activity is road transportation
  • The Company has its own car wash 
  • Has a vehicle maintenance service
  • The company also owns a gas station 
  • Company is offer warehousing services
  • Company is also providing express delivery services through its network

Highlights of the Transportation company in Bulgaria

  • Up to 200 professionals are employed in the company
  • The company has its own office
  • Company owns up to 3ha ofland
  • The Transportation company for sale has a extensive experience in the market

Information on this Transportation Company in Bulgaria for sale

Please do get in touch if you are interested in learning more about this Bulgarian Transportation company for sale.Please do get in touch with our experts if you are seeking to sell your transportation business in Europe.For more transportation companies for sale please visit the section road transportation companies for sale
For buyers of road transportation companies please visit the section transportation companies wanted.