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Translation software company in Europe for sale

Translation software company for sale 

IT or ICT business for sale

  • Size: small
  • Revenue: > 3M Euro
  • Employees: > 50E
  • Location of the Translation software company: Europe
  • Reason for sale: The owners are looking to sell to enlarge the business 
  • #CFIE ITS146

Overview for the Translation software company for sale in Europe

The owners of a Translation software company in Europe present an opportunity for interested investors to buy shares in a company that operates in producing and selling technology in order to help translation companies making their workflows smooth, smart and to save lots of money. The sellers acknowledge the potential of the company they created and want to raise capital in order to fulfil this potential and to grow the business. Therefore they are looking for a financial strategic partner that has interest in developing software solutions for the translation industry. A round of issuing new shares is expected to have place so that an interested investor can come in.

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Profile (strategy) for the Translation software company for sale in Europe

The company has more than 10 years of experience in developing software solutions for translating companies. It is an important player in this industry, the software system created brings automation and very high information security, fact that saves precious time and increases accuracy. Employees have various backgrounds such as IT expertise, programming, administration and translating. A well developed feature is the function through which the content can be produced in multiple languages. Another important aspect is that the system enables the implementation to allow the integration in the system of all the persons who are involved in a certain translation project. The company with its smart solutions supports its worldwide clients to produce their translation projects.
The enterprise delivers solutions to companies, service providers and translators, for each category the products being customized to meet specific needs. In case the clients are companies, the software product ensures fast translations, puts together terminology and translation management function, integrates internal and external translators in a central system, automates tasks, enables to trace all processing steps, allows to reapply previously translated text parts and ensures the quality of style and terminology. For service providers, the company created a translation environment that makes it easy to handle a project since the process can be structured and well defined allowing a seamless integration with a high level of automation. The interface is composed with an open design that makes it easy to connect with other interacting systems. For translators, the software gives them few benefits such as possibility to reuse content and to control processes, majorly all languages and file formats are supported, there is no restriction for the size of translation memory and allows the translators to easy communicate with customers and partners through the same interface. 
The entire translation process is supported by the company's translation management system which includes all the project's phases, from the creation of the texts to be translated to workflow control, translation, correction and release. The company is a language resource helping the clients also in terminology management and providing authoring assistance. To achieve its scope of development and to be permanently in touch with the market requirements, the company cooperates and collaborates with international educational institutions, language service providers and associations.

Activities and products for the Translation software company for sale in Europe

The company helps its clients with the following services:
  • Translation Management & Memory
  • Authoring Assistance
  • Process Security
  • Cost Control
  • Automation
  • Seamless connection
  • Closed Supply Chain
  • Central Data Storage
  • Worldwide online network for all users
  • Service & Support: Online Help, Updates, Documentation, Technical Support
  • Training

Highlights for the Translation software company for sale in Europe

  • The company is an important player on the market of translation software development 
  • The company develops solutions that help translation entities
  • The solutions have a high applicability
  • The owners are looking for investors interested to enlarge the business

Information for the Translation software company for sale in Europe

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this Translation software company for sale. If this Translation software company does not fit your requirements, feel free to ask for other software companies for sale. If you are interested in buyers of software companies please visit the section software companies wanted.

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