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Temperature controlled transportation company in Spain for sale

Company for sale

  • Sales: >3m EURO
  • EBIDTA: > 0,20M EURO
  • Location: Spain
  • #CFIE TRS106

Overview of this temperature controlled transportation company in Spain for sale

100% of the transportation business in Spain is available for acquisition. The Company for sale is specialised in storage and distribution, trucking of the temperature controlled products, the company operates in Spain and whole Europe; the company is exceptionally focused on a temperature controlled cargo storage and trucking, offers full warehousing and logistic, packaging and handling solutions to its customers using own fleet and premises, as well as a strong network of agents in European countries. Get more information about this transportation company for sale in Spain now.

Profile (strategy) of this temperature controlled transportation company in Spain for sale

The company for sale was established in Spain 30 years ago, has assets of about 3M EURO, a good national business ranking and is run by one owner. Company is staffed with highly experienced personnel located in company’s own office premises; from most of key people are employed at the company for more than ten years.  The company operates up to 20 units of own well maintained transport units and cold storage warehouse with guaranteed temperature from minus 22 to plus 5degrees. The company for sale is steadily profitable and has potential for further growth and development.

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Activities and or product of this temperature controlled transportation company in Spain for sale

Main activities of the company are the storage, distribution and the land transportation of frozen and perishable goods throughout the Spain and Europe. The company is handling shipments of direct cargo owners, be it full truck or less than a truck load. Company provides efficient consolidation and sorting of goods in its warehouse and ensures safe and timely delivery to various destinations of Europe.

Highlights of this temperature controlled transportation company in Spain for sale

  • The company  with assets of 3M Euro is 100% Spain based  good ranked entity
  • Own fleet of 20bitemperature and multi temperature refrigerated transport units
  • Own office, Parking  and warehouse premises in total of 4500sq meters
  • Staff of more than 30 professionals
  • High experience in handling of cargo
  • Providing warehouse logistic services

Information on this temperature controlled transportation company in Spain for sale

Please contact us to learn more about this Spanish transportation company for sale. Please get in touch if you are seeking to sell your transportation business. If you are interested in more transportation businesses for sale visit our section transportation companies for sale. For buyers of transportation companies, visit section transportation companies wanted.

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