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Tank Transportation Company in Scandinavia for sale

Company for sale

  • Sales: >10 M EURO
  • EBITDA:<1.5M EUR
  • Equity: <3M EUR
  • Location of the transportation company: Scandinavia
  • Reason for sale: The company is open to discuss a business sale with a larger international strategic tank transportation buyer. The plan is to grow the market in Scandinavia together.
  • #CFIE TRS038

Overview of the tank transportation company in Scandinavia for sale

Scandinavian Transportation Company is looking for a buyer of part of its share. The company for sale is specialized in international and local tank transportation of raw materials and liquid cargos by road. Get more information about this Scandinavian tank transportation company now.

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Profile (strategy) of the tank transportation company in Scandinavia

The transportation company for sale is specialized in road transportation by tank trucks and trailers throughout Scandinavian countries. The company provides high quality road transportation services thanks to its professional personnel and modern fleet. The company is oriented on reliable, safe and efficient trucking operations to satisfy challenging needs of existing range of customers and attract new customers.
The company was established many decades years ago and keeps its stable course of development to strengthen its position on the Scandinavian market. Over the years company has been upgrading its fleet with modern trucks to ensure comprehensive carriage of various cargos by road. Company is planning to expand its activities by adding more trucks to its fleet to fulfill growing demand of trucking services on the market. The owners are interested in discussion about selling the company. Equity of the company exceeds pair million EUR and it has always been financially stable.

Activities and services of the tank transportation company in Scandinavia for sale

The tank transportation company provides road transportation services which is materialized by its own fleet of various types of tank trucks trailers. The tank transportation company can carry all kind of cargo, including raw powdery materials and liquid cargo that are designated for tanks. Company offers temporary storage to their customers to ensure effective functionality of their supply chain.

Highlights of the tank transportation company in Scandinavia

  • The trucking company has long experience on the Scandinavian market
  • The company owns more than 40 modern tank trucks with various specifications
  • Company’s drivers are highly qualified professionals
  • Company has own offices and a warehouse
  • The company has implemented and maintains quality and environmental management systems ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015  

More information on this tank transportation company in Scandinavia for sale

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