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Sports car manufacturer in Europe looking for an investment

Sports car manufacturer in Europe for sale

  • The projected sales of the business are reaching. 60M EUR in 5th year of existence
  • The team of this manufacturer includes professionals in the field of automotive design
  • Reason for sale: The owners of this sports car manufacturer are looking for an investor, who would help them accelerate the company and fund the design of more models
  • Investment value: approx. 5M EUR
  • CFIE AUS108

Overview of this sports car manufacturer in Europe looking for investment

The owners of a Western European based car manufacturer are looking for an investment, which would accelerate the company and boost the car production. The owners are looking for an investment of approximately 5M EUR, which according to the projection should boost the company to reach a turnover of 45M EUR in the fourth year of existence.

Profile (strategy) of this sports car manufacturer in Europe for sale

The company for sale is a sports car designing and manufacturing company, which needs a financial investor to scale up and start individaul production. This company has already earned its name in the automotive industry and is aiming to be the leading design & prototype manufacture in the world. This goal was instantly proven by an awarded prototype of the sports car presented at car exhibitions.

Founded only a few years ago by a team of enthusiastic and avid motor-sport entrepreneurs, the company represents exclusivity, style, sport, performance, and individualism. The prototypes of the cars are successful and renounced in the community. The production of the sports cars incorporates lightweight carbon fiber, the total body weight is reduced and the resulting optimized dynamics make for an excellent power to weight ratio. Apart from the design of its main prototype, the company is designing for 2 customer companies that lead to a positive cash flow of the company.

The manufacturing and assembling facility currently holds approx. 2000sqm space for the manufacturing processes. Space can be extended to approximately 3400 sqm within three months’ time to increase production capacities up to 40 to 50 cars per annum.

The company is expected to be profitable in the second year after funding. The EBITDA projection predicts exponential growth of the company in the first five years. Given the estimated growth number, the revenue of the company in the fifth year of existence should reach 60M EUR, with EBITDA at 22M EUR. In short term, the company is aiming for 25 and more car sales within the first 24 to 36 months after the investment

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Activities and products of this sports car manufacturer in Europe 

The main product of the company – SuperSport coupe - represents a vibrant alternative to the classic SuperSport car. From the idea and design until the creation of the prototype, two and a half years of development have been invested for the premier presentation of the first SuperSport car.

The company wants to have its products perceived as luxurious, therefore high prices will be set in order to be ranked in the top segment of its kind.

After the funding and successful production of its main product, the company also plans to announce more products, including the SUV and a hybrid-hypersportscar. In the non-automotive sector, the company also plans to introduce and produce electric powered E-Bike, and sell merchandising products like hover-boards, jetskis, sunglasses, and watches.

R&D of this company is focused on the design and performance side of the industry, and on differentiating from its competitors by offering services on a variety of different vehicles and alternative drivetrain concepts and not just a particular model or engine. The goal of the company is to be branded within the exclusive cars and mobility concepts community and to become a remarkable name in the car design world.

Highlights of this sports car manufacturer 

  • This company has adopted highest European production standards.
  • The company has a high production scalability.
  • The company has also adopted the highest quality control standards.
  • The global demand for individual and exclusive sports-cars is rising.

Information about this sports car manufacturer in Europe

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